Can Fat Be Fit and the Kimkins Scam

HoneyBee has posted a very powerful piece looking at the descrimination of being overweight.

Are We Viewing Obesity In the Correct Light? Can Fat be Fit?:

We, the obese-the fat girls, accept that we are unhealthy and that we don’t fit in with the latest trend to be super thin. We want to be those fabulous women we see in the magazines and on the tv. You better believe that our daughters will want to be those people too. So we try diets and we if we don’t succeed then it is one more blow to the ego. That is where diets like Kimkins are allowed to take hold. It offers fast weight loss with little or no exercise and it even touts that celebs have used the diet. The diet had a beautiful image of the owner of the site and page after page of success stories. But now it has been discovered that it all was fraudulent. Fake pictures, fake success stories. A scam! Lies told to sell the ongoing trend that a person, especially a woman, must be thin at all costs. Because being thin is healthy…right? Eating 500 calories a day is better than being fat…right? That is a big FAT NO!

Are we viewing obesity in the correct light? The fact is that most dieters are not trying to lose weight in the correct way. If you look at the struggles that the average dieter goes through with yoyo dieting and the health extremes in an effort to get thin, then the idea that being thin is more healthy then being fat doesn’t appear to be a given. I think we all should view our healthy weight set point as an individual number, that is as individual as we are as humans. For some their natural body set point would qualify them as fat according to the standards used for a BMI. I am not saying that fat acceptance is an excuse for not getting healthy. But I am saying that obesity is not viewed in the correct light, because fat can be fit for some.

Be sure and click over and read the whole post. Plus take a look at the videos posted also.

Kimkins–Affiliate Marketing

 Heidi has had some really unscrupulous marketers as affiliates.

Even the teen mentioned in this post was out spamming for Heidi.

So many of these have marketed at yahoo and myspace as well as craigslist.

Then we have the multiple article submission sites that continue to spread their articles like weeds. But some are seeing the light. As evidenced by this post on Kimkins Scam.

Thank You EzineArticles « Kimkins Scam

We still have the unscrupulous affiliate marketer, Wouter Van Dyck, to contend with. Yet many of the affiliates are pulling out.
An excellent example of affiliates pulling out is Andrew Kryzak. He left this comment recently on my post about EzineArticles:

I want to publicly state that I DO NOT support the kimkins diet. I have taken down my website and have done all I can to stop any promotions for it.

Andrew Kryzak

Thank you Andrew Kryzak , for renewing my faith in some affiliate marketers. You have shown that you are a man of integrity.

Too bad not all affiliate marketers have your standards.

Kimkins–Targeting Teens

One of my problems with Heidi has been her promotion of Kimkins through viral marketing. Most importantly is the fact she has targeted teens in her pursuit to have members.

For those who have followed this saga from the beginning, you remember the 14 year old who was on the Kimkins site looking for answers. Here are the posts as a reminder for everyone.

The thing about all of this that disturbs me the most, was Heidi’s reply to this young girl. All of it disturbs me really. But Heidi’s stands out.

Kimmer (Admin)

Re:I need more calories

I agree with all the replies above, except about needing more calories simply because of your age. A calorie is a unit of energy, that’s all. If we eat too much energy, it’s stored as fat — whether you’re 14 or 84. If you have excess body fat, you have CALORIES hanging there, again whether you’re 14 or 84.

However, if you want to up your calories, simply add more food. You’re a teenager, so a couple servings of dairy are important (or use supplements with your doctor’s advice). String cheese, Dannon low carb yogurt, broccoli, kale, cottage cheese are good sources of calcium and will give you extra calories.

If your goal is to only add more calories, drink 1-2 meal replacement shakes in addition to your food choices. It’s easy to add calories if that’s your goal.

I disagree about adding fruit until you’re at maintenance. There’s little there nutritionally compared to the high carbs. Nothing that can’t wait a bit until you hit goal. You’re much better off with a 1/2 cup of sweet potato than an apple, as an example. More fiber, more antioxidants. And …

But if you’re listening to “other sources”, think logically and think about hidden agendas.

As a reminder, this 14 year old girl was following the boot camp program, 500 cals/day and 30 minutes of exercise. Yet Heidi did not say anything about her needing to up her calories.

In her efforts to target teens, Heidi planted stories about stars who were supposedly following Kimkins. These showed up on MySpace and Yahoo Answers, to name a few.

With so many of the former Kimkins members speaking of having eating disordered thinking. It worries me to see Heidi go specifically after teens. They are already very vulnerable to developing an eating disorder. The Kimkins diet severely increases your chance of developing an eating disorder.

As I’ve stated before, Kimkins is not better than being fat.

The Kimkins site is suppose to have an age restriction now. Other changes have been implemented to make the site more generic. Less cause for possible litigation.

In my opinion, all the changes at the site are much too little, done way too late. Or as we say here in the south, it’s like closing the barn door after the horse has got out.

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr

Kimkins Diet–Is It Better Than Being Fat?

One of the biggest arguments Heidi had for following her diet was it was better than being fat. Here’s some of her ideals.

She employs fear, an emotion which can lead to decisions because one fears the unknown that the future holds. As someone listening who is overweight or obese, it’s easy to fall into the trap and set your emotions on overdrive to worry you too may get diabetes, heart disease, or have your arms or legs amputated if you don’t lose weight, fast. With your heart pounding, you think, because it’s now been suggested, that if you do not do something extreme and drastic, you might be too sick tomorrow to do something. You better start today. Tomorrow is too uncertain.She knows this type of fear mongering works. She previously used it when she actively posted on One only need look at the thread titled ‘Ask Kimmer’ to really see her in action. Her proverbial paper trail is long and provides a glimpse into her techniques to motivate with fear, loathing any dissent, disdain for any questioning of her advice.

It’s apparent she has one goal, to convince you to starve yourself on a very low calorie diet (vLCD) so that she can continue to promote, loudly, that the diet works and weight loss is fast. That is nothing special, anyone who seeks out the data on very low calorie diets and reads through the findings knows that very low calorie diets make you lose weight, but with a price.

The media’s constant portrayal of the obesity epidemic is one thing that drives people to lose weight. Although the obesity paradox shows a different story. That being overweight is actually healthy for you.

Then you have the whole prejudice against being fat going on. Overweight people do not have it easy. They are discriminated against in the work force. Being thin generates more financial freedom, more independence, a more active social life, a better job.

Which leads people to be desperate to become thin at any cost. Which leads them to Kimkins regardless of the dangers or the controversy. Their mantra is always, “but it works”. Yeah, VLCDs work, but at what cost to your health.

So in answer to the question of this post, that’s a big…..fat…..NO

As long as Kimkins is still up and running. I will work with the other duck detectives to put a stop to Kimkins. I will not quit until I see….

Kimkins on Good Morning America





ABC News will be airing the expose of the Kimkins Scam on Good Morning America. Stay tuned for further details.


This is real step to finally trying to get Heidi to shut her site down. Many say what’s so bad about Kimkins? Kimkins’ is not just a fraud, it is dangerous. The fraud, the nutritionally bankrupt diet, the lies, the eating disordered thinking, sending people to “Banned Camp” just for speaking their mind. Will the added media coverage hurt Kimkins sales? One can only hope.