“See ya, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!”

“See ya, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!” I heard a kid say that in the grocery store the other day and I got a chuckle. I had just been thinking that it was my one-year anniversary of getting sucked into the whole Kimkins mess.

And Heidi that little bit of taunting reminded me of you.


Remember a TV show called “Whatever Happened To….?” that focused on “has beens”? They would ferret out pop music one hit wonders, quasi celebrities, ex-child stars or flash in the pans that had made it big at one time then disappeared off the radar. Then they’d check up on them. Sometimes they were successful well-adjusted people still working in their industries or in other areas and had great lives. But more often than not, if they were still alive, they’d be friendless, burned out, in rehab or in and out of jail. Most seemed to looking for a quick way to make a buck without having to work. Thus the plethora of “celeb-reality” shows on mindless TV like MTV and VH-1.


Just one short year ago Ms Diaz, you were riding high. Basking in the attention of becoming the next diet star! The big bucks were rolling in faster than you probably could have ever imagined in your wildest dreams! You were a gorgeous exotic looking brunette with a killer smile, figure, complexion and hair that rivaled a model! You had thousands of adoring fans positively swooning at the feet of their guru to hear your words of wisdom on how to lose weight quickly, safely and without exercise! You had a booming website chocked full of admins who were there at your beck and call! You had so many emails that you couldn’t possibly get to them all, what with your saint like charity work and your causes! You bragged about going out to lunch with friends and hosting wonderful parties and dinners! And all those kids to keep up with! Wow…wow…wow! How did you do it and still look like that at 49? Talk about having it all!


Fast forward to today. Sadly, the truth is that we all know the realities of your lies. Everything was just a sham like the three little pig’s house of straw. It didn’t take much of a huff and a puff to blow it all down.Your website that once teemed day and night with excited chattering newbies who wanted nothing more than to look “hot” like you, has become virtually silent except for a few deluded hangers on and some suspected sock puppets. People have suffered physical and emotional damage because of you and they are pissed. You have a lawsuit looming over your head like the sword of Damocles. According to some in the know, you appear to look no different than those damming PI photos taken last fall before your big diet restart. And now it looks like even one of the faithful minions, your BFF Gary might have jumped ship.


Even the blogs and forum threads devoted to you have quieted down. Funny, but the majority of attention you seem to crave so much has come from the bad press that your “enemies” have given you. Good or bad, it’s attention, right?


But alas, there’ll be no “celeb-reality” for you. You just aren’t a “has been” you are a “never was”. And until the trial comes around you are just old news.


It’s always been said that if you don’t face up to your sins in this life, you’ll have to in the next one. So Heidi, in the light of all the karma that is facing you both in this world and the next, I’d like to say to you “see ya, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!”






A Poor Model of Expertise

Last week in the midst of a weed pulling project at LCF it was observed that several of the noxious weeds had proclaimed Heidi K. Diaz as a low carb weight loss “expert”.  

Digging into some business modeling information I found some very interesting articles and tips on how to be perceived as an “expert” in your field. 

One basic and simple rule is to never try and deceive your customers in any fashion. Doing so will doom your venture to failure as it is only a matter of time that people will see though you, taking their business and their associates with them.  

Before putting oneself out as an expert you must take a good hard and honest look at your own knowledge and expertise. Do you have what it takes to teach? Do you have a marketable skill that others do not or cannot take the time to do themselves and will readily look to you for your knowledge? 

Do others, especially known experts, look to what you say? Or do you only repeat what others say and have said? This includes having your own creative thoughts and writing style, not copying and pasting the work of others and claiming it as your own.

Self-aggrandizing methods of touting ones’ expertise is a common mistake. When it all becomes about “I and me” it has been proven to dissuade even the most interested follower. Personal knowledge and expertise in the field should be an extra perk to the product or service that you are trying to sell, not overshadow it to the point turning off customers. 

The dictionary defines expert as “one who has special skills and knowledge” and a “specialist”. 

I guess in this case “expert” is in the eye of the beholder so to speak. Heidi is certainly an “expert” grifter, deceiver, swindler, chiseler and scammer. And she is well versed in diet lingo and slick rhetoric.

However, nowhere but in the farthest corners of imagination could the words low carb weight loss “expert” be a feasible description of the Kimmer.

She most likely does possess the knowledge and the skills. Yet, she has repeatedly failed to utilize them herself. That makes her a poor model of expertise.