A Poor Model of Expertise

Last week in the midst of a weed pulling project at LCF it was observed that several of the noxious weeds had proclaimed Heidi K. Diaz as a low carb weight loss “expert”.  

Digging into some business modeling information I found some very interesting articles and tips on how to be perceived as an “expert” in your field. 

One basic and simple rule is to never try and deceive your customers in any fashion. Doing so will doom your venture to failure as it is only a matter of time that people will see though you, taking their business and their associates with them.  

Before putting oneself out as an expert you must take a good hard and honest look at your own knowledge and expertise. Do you have what it takes to teach? Do you have a marketable skill that others do not or cannot take the time to do themselves and will readily look to you for your knowledge? 

Do others, especially known experts, look to what you say? Or do you only repeat what others say and have said? This includes having your own creative thoughts and writing style, not copying and pasting the work of others and claiming it as your own.

Self-aggrandizing methods of touting ones’ expertise is a common mistake. When it all becomes about “I and me” it has been proven to dissuade even the most interested follower. Personal knowledge and expertise in the field should be an extra perk to the product or service that you are trying to sell, not overshadow it to the point turning off customers. 

The dictionary defines expert as “one who has special skills and knowledge” and a “specialist”. 

I guess in this case “expert” is in the eye of the beholder so to speak. Heidi is certainly an “expert” grifter, deceiver, swindler, chiseler and scammer. And she is well versed in diet lingo and slick rhetoric.

However, nowhere but in the farthest corners of imagination could the words low carb weight loss “expert” be a feasible description of the Kimmer.

She most likely does possess the knowledge and the skills. Yet, she has repeatedly failed to utilize them herself. That makes her a poor model of expertise.


One Response

  1. Heidi Diaz is an expert in one thing: how to be EVIL. In fact, she could give lessons to Satan himself.

    Cannot wait to see her behind bars!

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