Kimkins–Affiliate Marketing

 Heidi has had some really unscrupulous marketers as affiliates.

Even the teen mentioned in this post was out spamming for Heidi.

So many of these have marketed at yahoo and myspace as well as craigslist.

Then we have the multiple article submission sites that continue to spread their articles like weeds. But some are seeing the light. As evidenced by this post on Kimkins Scam.

Thank You EzineArticles « Kimkins Scam

We still have the unscrupulous affiliate marketer, Wouter Van Dyck, to contend with. Yet many of the affiliates are pulling out.
An excellent example of affiliates pulling out is Andrew Kryzak. He left this comment recently on my post about EzineArticles:

I want to publicly state that I DO NOT support the kimkins diet. I have taken down my website and have done all I can to stop any promotions for it.

Andrew Kryzak

Thank you Andrew Kryzak , for renewing my faith in some affiliate marketers. You have shown that you are a man of integrity.

Too bad not all affiliate marketers have your standards.

6 Responses

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  2. Heidi & unscrupulous marketers – sounds like a classic case of birds of a feather flocking together. Must be hard to fly when covered in slime.

    I’m so glad some of the other affiliate marketers have stepped up. I feel bad for the honest ones. They are trying to make a living like anyone else, and scams like this really wreck consumer trust and make their job that much harder.
    My blog: Kimorexia

  3. The content of your blog has been stolen by the idiots at I’ve reported them to hostgator (the host). If you want information on how you can submit a Cease & Desist demand to them, check my blog, I added all the info there.

    Phishing Phollies

  4. More and more I think Wouter is Heidi but all we can do is keep asking these sites to remove any articles, etc. to Kimkins and hope that some day his support of it dissapears!

  5. Great blog. I’d recommend checking out and the weight of evidence blog for other great posts. Those are two of my daily favorites…

  6. You got through to Andrew Kryzak ?! All right — DUCK POWER! you guys are an unstoppable force — sure glad you’re on the side of Good not Evil, whew!

    Totally impressed by all of you and especially here lately with all the incredible hard work — you guys are showing what a determined bunch of people with heart can do.

    ::salute!:: We are officially AWED. Way to go, Mighty Ducks!

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