John Tiedt’s Statement on Kimkins verdict

To all Ducks Today, October 29, 2010, Judge Rick Brown of the Riverside County Superior Court entered a verdict for the plaintiffs in a certified national class action lawsuit. The court entered a verdict against Heidi Diaz the owner of the diet website for fraud and false advertising. The court awarded the class members restitution in the amount of $1,824,210.39. The court also awarded an additional $500,000 in punitive damages as well as attorney fees. The court then issued a temporary restraining order to freeze all of the assets of Ms. Diaz. Most notably, the court also imposed an injunction requiring Heidi Diaz to post on all of her websites that: (1) she lied about her weight loss; (2) she lied about her after diet pictures; (3) she lied about testimonials on her website; and (4) she lied about the photographs used with the testimonials to promote the Kimkins website. An injunction was also issued to prevent Heidi Diaz from contracting, harassing or cyberbulling the plaintiffs and the witnesses. A formal judgment will be entered before November 19, 2010. The original complaint was filed over three years ago on October 15, 2007. I want to thank everyone who supported the class action lawsuit. The Ducks were wonderful. I met a lot of great people and made a lot of new friends fighting for a good cause. Heidi Diaz lied on her website and made the fatal mistake of lying in the courtroom. You cannot trust Heidi Diaz. I anticipate more legal (illegal) maneuvering by Heidi Diaz to evade the judgment. We will be prepared and I will be relentless. Again, I thank all you. John E. Tiedt TIEDT & HURD


This is on the Riverside court site….Looks like really good news to me!



01/14/2009 – 8:30 AM DEPT. 04


Sock Puppets

Remember this post:


I’m just sayin’………..

I knew then that some of the commenters here on this blog were only sock puppets. Now we have the full scoop from theTruth.

simpleannie and Costa are both:

Sue Walter, a 46 year old mother of 3 from St. Marys, OH

‘swalt’ to her friends on KK for the last 10 months

Tell her what she has won folks…

Thank you Truth. Your help was greatly appreciated.

Speaking of sock puppets—head over and check out Mariasol’s newest post…..

Calling All former Kimkins members from San Diego County

If you are a former Kimkins member and you reside in San Diego County, John Tiedt would appreciate hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Please email John or use the Contact Us form on his website.

If you know of any former Kimkins members in San Diego County, please be sure to let them know that John Tiedt is looking for their assistance.

Everyone can help by spreading the word.

Thank you very much for your help.


For those who may not already know, John Tiedt is the lawyer handling the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit.

I do hope that all former Kimkins members will consider joining the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit, if you have not already done so. There is strength in numbers.

If you have already joined the Lawsuit via email, please be sure that you get your affidavit to John as soon as possible.

Remember, if you need any help with completing this, be sure to watch the helpful video.

Thank you!

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi

Here’s the latest from the captain of the Kimtanic:

Re:”I’m a Kimkins Newbie” Challenge 2008! 2 Hours, 15 Minutes ago

“I don’t believe in starvation mode (you can read more in my blog). The whole point of gastric surgery or Lapband is to drastically cut calories. There was a woman on the Joy Luck Club (Today Show) recently who lost 125+ lbs after gastric surgery. Her surgeon was on the show with her. She is now a size 2 and described what she eats: 2-3 oz of protein first, then a small amount of veggies. If she’s full after a few ounces of protein, she passes on the veggies. Her example of how many asparagus she could eat was 2-4, plus a multivitamin.

“Last night I heard part of the show “I Can Make You Thin” on TLC. He also mentioned that metabolism is not rigid, it’s flexible and rises and falls according to activity level and personal “build in” metabolism. This is what I’ve said for years. When you reduce calories your metabolism drops, but not drastically. When you reach goal and begin eating more, your metabolism will raise, but people need to eat less at goal. This is a shocker for some people. They didn’t “break” their metabolism — their body may be 50, 100, 200 pounds lighter. A 125 lb body needs much less “energy” (calories) than a 325 lb body.”

“Dr. Johnny Bowden is respected in the diet industry. He wrote in an article suggesting women can lose and maintain on 1250-1400 calories a day — men 1800.”

“Don’t force low calories, just eat clean … eat according to appetite. Be sure to take a good quality multivitamin (I like Centrum). Dr. Oz on Oprah suggested splitting the multivitamin in half because our bodies don’t process a mass dose of vitamins all at once.”
“The “tons of energy” is ketosis. Ain’t it great!”

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi…..

As par for the course she is spreading her brand of nutritional knowledge. Not that any of it is true. I don’t want to get into all the untruths in the above statements. I would just like to address the points on WLS.

Are you ready for a little WLS 101???

She points out the lady only eats 2 onces of protein and if she is still hungry she will eat the veggies. There is a good reason for only eating such a small portion.


The graphic above gives you an idea of several types of WLS. In all of them the “pouch” is restricted to hold only a very few ounces at a time. This makes it where you are forced to limit your portion sizes. One bite too much and you have the wonderful effect of puking everything back up.

As for the lady who lost 120+ pounds, I would like to know how far out she is. In WLS speak that means how long it’s been since her surgery. Most people do grand for the first few years. The farther out they are the more weight they have gained and more complications they have had.

But this post is not about debating the pros and cons of WLS. Wander over to my personal blog to get my views on that. This is about Heidi continuing to use the WLS life as an argument for how great her plan is.

I’ve addressed this many times over the course of these past months. When comparing Kimkins vs WLS, that’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Yes, one of the points of WLS is restriction of calories. By using restrictive procedures such as the lap band and restrictive/malabsorptive procedures such as the RNY.

BUT……this is where Heidi fails….

When someone has WLS…….


You know, those people with a whole string of letters behind their name….like MD, PhD, RN, CRRN, RD, etc….someone who is actually QUALIFIED to be giving advice.

In my case alone these are the MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS I saw on a routine basis for 2 solid years and am still followed regularly by most of them.

  • GI DOC

What does Kimkins offer…..a “bored housewife” with a computer and too much time on her hands.

Just to add this…..remember Heidi is reported to have had “stomach stapling” years ago……

So how’s that working for ya, Heidi……

I’m Mad as Hell and I’m NOT Gonna Take it ANYMORE

AmyB has been reaching out to the former Kimkins members and what does she get for her trouble??? Some troll popping in to comment on her blog.

Lot’s of great people stepped up to the plate and let this troll have it. Yours truly was one of them.

I’m angry. Angry at this troll for coming onto Amy’s blog and putting her down. But the anger goes so much deeper than that.

I’m angry that our society has women convinced that they are worthless unless they are thin. Heidi plays that to the hilt. She counts on the need for women to conform to society’s ideals.

When will women realize they are just fine the way they are? Diets do not work. WLS does not work. If you are fat, look at your relatives—it’s genetic, people.

Repeat after me DIETS DO NOT WORK.

Sorry–off the soap box—for now.

The people still left at Kimkins are caught up in the idea of being thin. Their entire self worth rests on what the scale says. They are consumed with massive amounts of guilt if they OMG actually eat something.

Oh but they are dfoing if for their health. Like hell you are. But if you have convinced yourself that is your reason for being on a diet, let me tell you this.


Non dieters actually have better health then dieters do.

But back to Kimkins…..

Not only are these remaining Kimkins members falling for the whole I’ve gotta be thin load of crap. They are also degrading themselves even further by continuing to support a fraud and a liar.


AmyB, you keep reaching out to them….you are a good person.



Singinglass — are you stupid?

I read Elle’s post on Sininglass and I have to say I just about fell out of my chair laughing.

In my opinion she is just like Heidi. Her true colors have shown through time and time again. Everyone has always tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. She’d come on the LCF board doing the crying woe is me act. Many people have felt sorry for her. She’s been thrown many, many, many lifelines.

I say give it up. Stop trying to warn her. Stop trying to save her.

Some people just don’t want to be “saved”.

Not even from themselves.

The REAL Singinglass Stands Up

Singinglass finally shows the person she really is…..

Watch SingingLass Lose Project ~ 2 Hours, 43 Minutes ago

Remind me not to read any blogs or anything else out there right now. The last thing myself and my family needs right now is the crap they are spewing. It takes a lot to make me actually angry, but today I was….just with the combination of what is going on, and then their stuff….yeash. It may not be lady-like, but all I can say or show to all of that right now is a middle finger.

Like I had any doubt…….

Head over to AmyB’s blog for all the latest.

Was Tippy Lying???

Singinglass seems to think she is…..

Singinglass responds to Tippy from AmyB’s blog

singinglass |Thank you for the concern expressed. For the record—the only contact Jeanie has made towards me since November when she left Kimkins was a single-lined e-mail saying ” Merry Christmas!”. I have not blocked her, she has my phone number…there has been no emails or calls from her to me. I told her at the time that I respected her choice and held nothing against her etc…however it is a little upsetting to see falsehoods made in regard to claims to try to reach or “save” me and so forth when none were made. I am not saying that she should have done anything like that–but rather that it seems odd she did not try to simply contact me personally, rather then making it into a big display publically… which has resulted in positive attention and redemption comments for her across blogs .

Now see Singinglass—I really don’t think my comments from yesterday’s post were redemptive at all. I still don’t trust her, you neither for that matter.

Neither of you rate too high in my book. At least she had the smarts to get the sam hill out of Kimkins. Although her reasons were entirely selfish. If she was getting any money she would have stayed around a little longer.

You apparently don’t have the sense to know you are going down too, right along with that imbecile you call boss. I tried to warn you yesterday. But from this comment alone it shows me you couldn’t give a rats ass about it all. Well get ready to regain your weight. Jail house food is cheap, it’s high carb……

Tippy Reaches Out to Singinglass

In a show of supportand concern, Tippy Toes AKA Jeannie Baitinger reaches out to Singinglass AKA Delaney Deaver. Here is her plea in it’s entirety.

Delany, I just want you to know I understand how easily it is to get sucked into Heidi’s web. It may not be too late to ask John for immunity in exchange for what he wants from you. Please don’t let Heidi tell you he is just trying to scare you as she told me over and over. This is very real and very serious. Heidi is a fruad. It took me some time from stepping away to see it in full for what it really is. And Delany, it is a scam. Sure, you lost weight, I lost weight. But what price did we really pay? The diet lacks basic nutrients–we know this. People are sick from it. AmyB herself has serious health issues, lack of vitaminD, thyroid is shot, and some personal issues I am sure she would rather I not share. I spoke with Christin this week-end, Del. What she told me really sent red flags flying for me. She cannot exceed 1500 calories per day, cannot go over 40 carbs, even with exercise without re-gaining weight. She has had a year to get her metabolism to bounce back and it appears it will not bounce back. That frightens me for all who lose it on Kimkins–especially you. Don’t believe it? Try taking a maintenance break for one week and see what happens.

I was one of the lucky ones. Yes I have a thyroid issue and I believe it was pre-exisiting, however I also think Kimkins may have made it worse. It sure didn’t help it. And one of the Ducks/bloggers has been kind enough to take the time to try to help me move up the carb ladder. It has been with her help and encouragement that I have not run back for another KK round. I am up by 7 lbs but thankfully seem to be stabolizing now. I will tackle those 7 lbs later as I am re-building my metabolism now. And I am lucky. It seems to be working. I am so thankful a Duck reached out to help me, even though I am sure it has not gained her any popularity. God only knows what continuing to do KK could have done to me. All those people who complain of being so cold all the time… It is THYROID, Del! And yes some diets cause hair thinning. But I recently saw a pic of a long term KKer and I admit I was stunned to see how little hair she has left. This is not a small price to pay as Heidi led us to believe. It is the result of a severe deficiancy. If you are losing lots of hair, just think what is happening inside your body. Scarey.

Del, you and I had discussed having no place to go if we left Kimkins. I know you have seen what has happened to me and I am sure it frightened you. I know you read LCF and I know you watched me get kicked to the curb by many, including being banned from Eating Low. But Del, some good came from it all. Campcarbaway turned out to be the best support I ever had. Lots of your friends are there too. And you will always be welcome there and no one there will give you a hard time. That is a promise. You do have a fantastic support group waiting for you. And even if you want to continue to do the Kimkins diets there you can without bashings. Plus we are learning of some alternatives to Kimkins which I have personally found works just as well. Written by Doctors, no less! )

You know I have emailed you several times, tried to call you and it is clear you do not want to hear from me. I am not two faced, Del. I have learned the truth about Heidi and her scamming ways as well as the real dangers of the Kimkins plan. Just email AmyB and ask her for yourself. You too will be horrified. I have not turned because I want to save my own reputation. lol Far too late for that now. But I sure don’t want to be responsible for promoting a diet that hurts people nor do I want to help a scam conn artist make profit from hurting others. The fact she cannot do her own diet tells it all. When we went to the MJ show and she dropped the ball right before telling us who she was, why didn’t we even consider she would have pics of herself thinner? We never gave that a thought because we were so wrapped up into defending it all. I think she knew that and timed it accordingly. She lied to us and that is why she is unable to produce a single pic of herself thin. It never happened and that is why. I believe she waited till we were so busy collecting what we needed for the show that we would not have time to question that OR ask for her skinny pics. She is a pro in the conn game, Del. You have to see it by now.

Anyways, think about calling or emailing John and try to make a deal if you still can. It’s going to get ugly. And again, you can always come to Campcaraway free of charge, just as any KK member can. You will NOT lack support. And I do miss you.

I have to tell you, I had originally been working on a piece about Tippy that did not show her in the best light. It was about her email exchange with Heidi in the letter from John Tiedt.

I’ll be the first to tell you. I do not trust Tippy as far as I could throw Heidi. After reading this plea to Sininglass, my opinion of her went up a wee bit. Not much mind you. I still think she is not to be trusted. But in giving her the benefit of the doubt, I chose not to publish the post I had intended in the beginning. I will reserve the right to consider it for the future. For now it’s still on hold in the draft bin.

I do want to say something to Singinglass.

This is your last out here, you need to listen and take it. If you refuse—then so be it—you deserve everything you’ll have coming to you. You and Heidi can share a cell. Cause that will be where you are headed. Mark my words here—-you will go down with her. If you refuse to take heed now—after all this time—you are no better than Heidi.

Web of Lies and Deceit

I’m sure by now everyone has read the latest update of the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit. While I was not really surprised about much of the info revealed, it still gets to me the extent of Heidi’s deceit. As so many of the posters on LCF are apt to say–she has a huge set.

Heidi you can never hide from the TRUTH……

A fraudulent intent, however carefully concealed at the outset, will generally, in the end, betray itself.

Titus Livius (Livy) (59 B.C.–A.D. 17), Roman historian. Histories, XLIV, 15.

The Ducks will continue to expose you no matter how long it takes….

Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage is a term used by the U.S. military for unintended or incidental damage caused during a military operation. In everyday life, it has come to mean injury inflicted on something other than an intended target.

The Kimkins saga has had quite a few cases of collateral damage over the past months. Just reading the accounts from the Kimkins Survivors gives you a glimpse at just how great an impact.

The mystery of Martin’s Martini turns out to be another case of collateral damage. Read the latest updates on this saga here:

I can’t figure out why all of this had to play out this way.

It is going to take a very long time for the healing process to be complete.

If it ever is…….

Fawn Update

Fawn is leaving CampCarbAway.

This post was forwarded to me from a camp member. It was posted in Fawn’s journal. She edited her original journal post from Dec 2007 today to say this:

Please Cancel My Membership to this Site at campcarbaway


I do not want my name or “fawn” to be in any way a harm to this site that I have come to love so much because of all of you. I have gotten many emails today about my name and photos being plastered all over the internet on bloggers by people with ill intent.

so for the sake of the WHOLE, I am leaving this site, so that this site will not be affected by knowing me or associating with me, fawn.

I am closing my yahoo account as well.

My apologies for any controversy that was caused by knowing me or associating with me or my name being associated with this site. I am truly sorry for if I stay here, they will always have a reason to come here for whatever reason.

I will never forget anyone of you and will always keep you in my heart

with a tearful regret I depart.

sincerely Butterfly aka: fawn

« Last Edit: Today at 08:18:02 AM by Butterfly »

Here are some responses from the camp members…..

Member #1
Butterfly — I don’t care what is going on out on the internet regarding you and blogs. I sincerely want you to stay!! Please reconsider leaving hun. You are NOT harming the site in ANY way by being here. It would truly not be the same site without your daily posts and your sweet soul. Please hun, stay here. Leave the outside world at the door and stay. The purpose of this site is to have a safe place to concentrate on your weight loss goals. If you leave the site, then you let THEM win. You don’t want to do that!! I will respect whatever choice you make, but I would sincerely be upset beyond words if you left. PLEASE STAY!!!

Member #2

Oh the drama – – it’s hard to deal with, isn’t it? Am sorry you are getting emails and internet postings from ill intended persons. It’s difficult to see and hear. However, you (as well as many of us here — well, probably all of us here) need a safe haven for our WOE and eventual WOL. Publically announcing you wanting to depart to ‘save’ this camp from further harm is commendable, but unwarrented.

I think I speak for Pokie, as mother hen and owner of camp, that you are welcome here. If you still feel the need to leave, please contact her to discuss. If you choose to leave, I’m sure keeping your username active will allow you the time and perspective you may need to consider changing your mind.

Best Wishes in whichever decision you shall make.

Member #3
We have communicated in private, so you know how I feel about this. I just want to show my support publicly as well. You have taken a beating lately and for that I am very sorry. I hope the people who have been so quick to attack you do not live in glass houses, it may come back to haunt them. I respect whatever decision you make, but hope you know you will be missed here.
Your friend,

Tippy Toes AKA Pocahontas
Butterfly, each of us who gets the beatings all feel we need to go. Please, please don’t go. We love you and we would miss you forever. And you know what? YOU brought us no drama–they did and we all know it. Please, please stay.

Member #4
Butterfly… cannot live your life based on other people and their opinions. You are a strong woman, stand tall and smile in the face of this adversity! This will only make you stronger!
We the people of the site love that you are here! That should be all that matters! This is your home, you deserve a safe place to be just like the rest of us. Controversity will always try to get it’s foot in the door my dear! If not you then someone else! You leaving will not keep the site free from trouble.
I truly hope you reconsider leaving….we want you to stay!

You think this is what Heidi had in mind all along???


The whole Kimkins saga has so many twists and turns it is hard to keep up most of the time. The latest is the new info coming to light about FAWN. Check out these sites for the latest updates.





Agentlefawn? « MJR’s-Duck Squad

Fawn Without Kimkins or The Smilies. « HoneyBee’s Blog

Fawn’s 2nd blog has gone POOF also……

I’m gonna take a couple of pills and call it a day after reading all of that.

Kimkins Lawsuit Review- « HoneyBee’s Blog

Kimkins Lawsuit Review- « HoneyBee’s Blog

HB has all the updated info you could possibly want on the Class Action Lawsuit all in one place. Check it out.

Also there is an updated post from Jeanessa—apparently Heidi is using all kinds of tactics to get to the principles in the lawsuit….