Sock Puppets

Remember this post:


I’m just sayin’………..

I knew then that some of the commenters here on this blog were only sock puppets. Now we have the full scoop from theTruth.

simpleannie and Costa are both:

Sue Walter, a 46 year old mother of 3 from St. Marys, OH

‘swalt’ to her friends on KK for the last 10 months

Tell her what she has won folks…

Thank you Truth. Your help was greatly appreciated.

Speaking of sock puppets—head over and check out Mariasol’s newest post…..

11 Responses

  1. This is what she posted on Becky’s blog back in September:

    “Good bye Becky, thank you for all of you encouragement to me and everyone else. I so hate it when someone posts negative comments about anything, or tries to stir up a fight, that is not what I came here for, and I have seen alot of that, I hope they get a handle on it. Again, thank you for everything.

    So to tell us to “get a life” and “get a job” is not negative? Not trying to stir up a fight?

  2. I was informed that this was posted and I suggest that you remove my picture and name from your site NOW. And do not post them ever again…

  3. …..or else?

    Sue posted that picture herself on the internet. On a private board? She should know by now that nothing on kimkins is private. You don’t want your picture to be seen, don’t put it on the World Wide Web.

  4. so she has been running aroung pretending to be 3 different folk posting commnets and talking with folk?
    and I thought I was having a conversation with somebody who truely wanted to discuss the issues of the diet not mascarade.

    Were you afraid Kimmer would ban you for your comments on this site? I mean saying you don’t care about Kimmer and Kimmer is a minor issue on her own site might fall under that bad talking that sends folk to banned camp.

  5. BooHoo, Swalt. You can dish it out but you can’t take it, is that it?? Why do you feel it’s necessary to masquerade around the internet as different people? Why aren’t you proud of what your’e doing? If you really believe in Kimkins so much, why not say so in an above board manner? I think it’s great that you’ve been outed. If you can’t be proud enough of your position in all this to tel the truth, why bother?

  6. Hmmm. Someone seems to have an anger issue.

  7. Sue
    YOU are the one who made it personal. You attacked me in my blog. Personal attacks are hard, huh? You started this … you gotta deal with it.

  8. You know sometimes you have questions, and want answers, but not sure you should be asking. Well, I wanted answers, and was doing research on info given. I guess I was asking the wrong people the questions. I made a very bad choice of people to ask, and now I know.
    Yes I am very proud of my wt loss, I have lost 60 lbs and I feel very good, I have had no health problems other than MILD hair loss, which is corrected itself completely. I have no complaints.
    Did I start this, yes, did I ask for you to post my full name and residence, no. I may have asked for comments, but not for personal info to be posted.
    Please, leave me alone, I will leave peacefully and not return to ask questions. My mistake.

    The only info that was posted, is info YOU posted yourself at Kimkins.—BG

  9. What do you mean by “not sure you should be asking?” If you are afraid to ask questions of Heidi Diaz at Kimkins or in the forums there that should be screaming a warning to you. You’re obviously aware of the risk of being banned for daring to question the plan, health risks, and the like. So why then are you trusting that the plan is safe? Why are you risking so much at the hands of someone you fear will retaliate by stripping you of the lifetime membership you paid for? That should be one heck of a HUGE red flag for you.

  10. […] questions in the comments section of another blog and was shocked to discover you SWALT were not only Costa but Simplieannie too  posting on numerous blogs under those aliases. My question is […]

  11. KimKins Is a PRIVATE forum, information members post in there is not available to the Public on the WWW, so you have stolen pictures and publishing them along with personal information which could lead to the person being harassed or stalked. This is against Blogger TOS.

    You have been flagged.

    The information was posted on LCF–a PUBLIC forum. It was copied from there.–BG

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