I’m Mad as Hell and I’m NOT Gonna Take it ANYMORE

AmyB has been reaching out to the former Kimkins members and what does she get for her trouble??? Some troll popping in to comment on her blog.

Lot’s of great people stepped up to the plate and let this troll have it. Yours truly was one of them.

I’m angry. Angry at this troll for coming onto Amy’s blog and putting her down. But the anger goes so much deeper than that.

I’m angry that our society has women convinced that they are worthless unless they are thin. Heidi plays that to the hilt. She counts on the need for women to conform to society’s ideals.

When will women realize they are just fine the way they are? Diets do not work. WLS does not work. If you are fat, look at your relatives—it’s genetic, people.

Repeat after me DIETS DO NOT WORK.

Sorry–off the soap box—for now.

The people still left at Kimkins are caught up in the idea of being thin. Their entire self worth rests on what the scale says. They are consumed with massive amounts of guilt if they OMG actually eat something.

Oh but they are dfoing if for their health. Like hell you are. But if you have convinced yourself that is your reason for being on a diet, let me tell you this.


Non dieters actually have better health then dieters do.

But back to Kimkins…..

Not only are these remaining Kimkins members falling for the whole I’ve gotta be thin load of crap. They are also degrading themselves even further by continuing to support a fraud and a liar.


AmyB, you keep reaching out to them….you are a good person.



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  1. […] Mad as Hell and I’m NOT Gonna Take it ANYMORE Best Weight Loss Tips â?? Your stop for weight loss tips, tricks and more wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt AmyB has been reaching out to the […]

  2. […] Mad as Hell and I’m NOT Gonna Take it ANYMORE Best Weight Loss Tips â?? Your stop for weight loss tips, tricks and more wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAmyB has been reaching out to the […]

  3. ((Bama)) I love you when you are mad- sister!
    Your words above are my thoughts too. I was aggravated when I went to the boards today at LCF after reading the comments on the various blogs.

    I think of you and the health issues you have been dealing with, I think of the former Kimkins members and the side effects they are dealing with and I admit to myself the health issues I had were made worse by following the Kimkins diet and I am beyond aggravated, I am mad.

    Then to read how someone can even say that Amy is a bad person for telling SingingLass that she, SL, is sharing the blame in the harm Heidi is doing to others by being a paid staff member makes me….well that makes me furious.

    We as woman have a right to be healthy and not have to try to sacrifice ourselves to be the image that society is telling us to be.

    I am even madder for the future that my daughter has as a female in this society, that demands everyone have a certain body type.

    I can only use my anger to try to help her realize that being what everyone wants her to be will not make her happy and that includes the size 2 that society wants us to be.

  4. I just wanted to put a word in for myself, I am not a troll, nor am I a bad person, and should not have called Amy one either. She has her opinion and I have mine and thats ok, I was just amazed that she was so bitter, I didn’t know all of the things that went on behind the scenes, and don’t want to know..(it is none of my buisness), so I should have stayed out of it, but I came to wish her luck and what I saw was a bitter person, with alot of anger, not the person that I had come to know on the Kimkins site. Amy, Kristen, Deni and all of the others encouraged people to follow this way of eating for al very long time, and they helped me as well to follow, I would never have done it without their help. And now that Kimmer has ticked them off it is a bad way of eating? After they have lost a massive amount of wt? Why not 20 lbs into the plan or 30lbs? I was a nice person before Kimkins and I feel that I still am a nice person with Kimkins still in my life, no not Kimmer herself, not her money…I paid $60.00 and got all I paid for, not because I can be thin, but because I can be able to do more with my family, so that they will not see their mother in a wheelchair by the time I am 50yr, or to have to always wait for me, or feel sorry for me. Thats not a life, or not the life that I want. There is a lawsuit out there, file your suit, add your name to the list and stop devoting your life to this bitterness, such waste. Yes I have come into your open forum blog to post a comment, but it is to defend me and the quality of life I want.

  5. SimpleAnnie, maybe you SHOULD know what happens behind the scenes. You just might understand your friend better ,and you just might be motivated yourself to get yourself and your friends out of that liar’s den. Quietly adding your name to a lawsuit is one option, but one that doesn’t keep others from falling for the scam. The site is still up and running, and those who remain add legitimacy to it – endorsing the fraud.
    My blog: Kimorexia
    Check out Kimkins on Insider Exclusive!

  6. And who is my friend? You seem to know me, but I don’t know you, hummmm. But the people on the site that I have come to know a little online, are people that come and go, and that is their choice and they have their reasons. We are surrounded by liar’s everyday, few people can say they have not lied. So I am not one to claim that I am perfect, but on the site I only speak as to my experiences and I do not lie, I have honestly had success with this plan and continue to, I am not ill and did not have the issues of nausea that some talk about, I keep my calories up and am now enjoying each and every day, if I am bad for that than someone has a short in their head, I don’t care who started the program, or what she does with the money she made, it was the best money I have ever spent, I do not question her background, it would have been too late for me anyway by the time I heard all the gossip, so I am here to say that I am feeling great, and happy. How about you?

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