Shocking revelations about the Anti-KK community. No, really.

A wonderful blog post appeared yesterday in my RSS feed reader. It was written about the fatosphere, but I found it applies directly to the anti KK community also.

Read the full post here.

Here are the major points of the post—substitute the word fatosphere with anti-kk community.

Revelation #1: There is no one person who speaks for the entirety of the fat acceptance community.

We have many anti-kk bloggers. Some are more popular than others. But we all have something to say. So many forget that in blogging you are expressing YOUR opinion.

I don’t profess to speak for other bloggers and they sure as hell can’t speak for me.

Revelation #2: Not everyone in the fatosphere likes everyone else in the fatosphere.

Anytime you bring a group of people together there will be disagreements. Not all of us will see eye to eye on all issues.

Revelation #3: The fatosphere is not filled with carbon copy people. We are not Borg.

That says it all.

Revelation #4: This is the most important thing in this post: the shocking revelations listed above can be good and positive things.

Having differing perspectives on this whole saga is a good thing. As individuals we all see things differently. Feeling free to express those opinions is the foundation of personal freedoms.

Just remember this quote:


Fawn Update

Fawn is leaving CampCarbAway.

This post was forwarded to me from a camp member. It was posted in Fawn’s journal. She edited her original journal post from Dec 2007 today to say this:

Please Cancel My Membership to this Site at campcarbaway


I do not want my name or “fawn” to be in any way a harm to this site that I have come to love so much because of all of you. I have gotten many emails today about my name and photos being plastered all over the internet on bloggers by people with ill intent.

so for the sake of the WHOLE, I am leaving this site, so that this site will not be affected by knowing me or associating with me, fawn.

I am closing my yahoo account as well.

My apologies for any controversy that was caused by knowing me or associating with me or my name being associated with this site. I am truly sorry for if I stay here, they will always have a reason to come here for whatever reason.

I will never forget anyone of you and will always keep you in my heart

with a tearful regret I depart.

sincerely Butterfly aka: fawn

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Here are some responses from the camp members…..

Member #1
Butterfly — I don’t care what is going on out on the internet regarding you and blogs. I sincerely want you to stay!! Please reconsider leaving hun. You are NOT harming the site in ANY way by being here. It would truly not be the same site without your daily posts and your sweet soul. Please hun, stay here. Leave the outside world at the door and stay. The purpose of this site is to have a safe place to concentrate on your weight loss goals. If you leave the site, then you let THEM win. You don’t want to do that!! I will respect whatever choice you make, but I would sincerely be upset beyond words if you left. PLEASE STAY!!!

Member #2

Oh the drama – – it’s hard to deal with, isn’t it? Am sorry you are getting emails and internet postings from ill intended persons. It’s difficult to see and hear. However, you (as well as many of us here — well, probably all of us here) need a safe haven for our WOE and eventual WOL. Publically announcing you wanting to depart to ‘save’ this camp from further harm is commendable, but unwarrented.

I think I speak for Pokie, as mother hen and owner of camp, that you are welcome here. If you still feel the need to leave, please contact her to discuss. If you choose to leave, I’m sure keeping your username active will allow you the time and perspective you may need to consider changing your mind.

Best Wishes in whichever decision you shall make.

Member #3
We have communicated in private, so you know how I feel about this. I just want to show my support publicly as well. You have taken a beating lately and for that I am very sorry. I hope the people who have been so quick to attack you do not live in glass houses, it may come back to haunt them. I respect whatever decision you make, but hope you know you will be missed here.
Your friend,

Tippy Toes AKA Pocahontas
Butterfly, each of us who gets the beatings all feel we need to go. Please, please don’t go. We love you and we would miss you forever. And you know what? YOU brought us no drama–they did and we all know it. Please, please stay.

Member #4
Butterfly… cannot live your life based on other people and their opinions. You are a strong woman, stand tall and smile in the face of this adversity! This will only make you stronger!
We the people of the site love that you are here! That should be all that matters! This is your home, you deserve a safe place to be just like the rest of us. Controversity will always try to get it’s foot in the door my dear! If not you then someone else! You leaving will not keep the site free from trouble.
I truly hope you reconsider leaving….we want you to stay!

You think this is what Heidi had in mind all along???


The whole Kimkins saga has so many twists and turns it is hard to keep up most of the time. The latest is the new info coming to light about FAWN. Check out these sites for the latest updates.





Agentlefawn? « MJR’s-Duck Squad

Fawn Without Kimkins or The Smilies. « HoneyBee’s Blog

Fawn’s 2nd blog has gone POOF also……

I’m gonna take a couple of pills and call it a day after reading all of that.

Former Kimkins Members in San Diego County

Former Kimkins Members in San Diego County

John Tiedt would like to hear from you.

Please Email John.

Thank you!

Just Ducky

Let me reintroduce you to “Just Ducky“. This persona came on the Kimkins scene way back when Jimmy Moore was gung-ho about Kimkins. That blog no longer exists but man did they really lay in to old Jimmy. It was nothing compared to the things that were dug up once they focused on Heidi.

You will notice I refer to Ducky as “they”. Because it is “they”. The handle has morphed over time to be just one person. Just look back at their introductory post:

We are a group of concerned individuals, working together under the collective pen-name ‘Just Ducky’.

When it came to Ducky’s tactics, either people loved or hated them. Many accused them of going too far. They were accused often of being completely over the top. We disagree. They reported facts. As was their stated purpose in their opening post.

With no illusion of grandeur, we share what we know and then write & publish here without any compensation or support from outside sources. There is no grand conspiracy, there is no organized attack, there is no naked or wrinkled Oz behind the curtain.

No, here we simply lay out the facts and leave it to you, our intelligent readers, to understand the danger that is the Kimkins Diet.

Even the most gifted writers have a biased slant to their writings. Ducky’s was no different. It is hard NOT to let your personal feelings show through in your writings. Yet the facts are still there.
Their blog had it’s humble beginnings on July 28, 2007. They were an overnight success. Reporting 5000+ visitors with that first post. They ran full steam right up until the “red dress pic” was found. Introducing “Kimmer”, October 6, 2007 was their last update to the blog.

What happened? Where did they go? Was it burnout? Did they feel like so many others? Did they think that it is in the hands of the courts now, so the job is finished? We will probably never know unless they decide to come back on the scene.

We will be revisiting many of Ducky’s old posts. New comers to the Kimkins saga need to see just how we got to where we are today. Also many of those who have followed this from the very beginning have forgotten much of the info found on Ducky’s blog. We think it’s time to refresh their memory.

So stay tuned, as we sift through and re-explore “Kimkins Exposed“.


If any of you are reading this post, you need to remember this. Heidi still has unsuspecting people signing up everyday. Just take note in the court papers how much money was taken in AFTER the “red dress pic” was found. So hear our plea for help to continue the fight.


The Players in this Saga

Over the course of this saga, there have been many key players. At times each as had it’s share of controversy. Over the coming weeks we’ll be looking at each one. Showing the good that has been done along with the bad.

If you ask most people outside of the low carb online community about the Kimkins Diet. They will respond, what is the Kimkins Diet? So for those who may stumble on this site in the coming New Year, background info needs to be revisited.

We will be looking at these following key players:

  • Catherine and Martin/slamboard
  • Ducky
  • the Truth
  • Becky
  • Christin
  • Deni
  • Jeanessa
  • Jimmy Moore
  • Tippy Toes
  • SingingLass
  • the Anti-Kimkins bloggers
  • LowCarbFriends

There are many. many. many folks who have worked tirelessly in the background. Not looking for any type of recognition. Only doing what their conscious feels is right. Many not having any stake whatsoever in the lawsuit. Just looking out for their fellow man, woman, and child. For those we give thanks for your efforts. You are the unsung heroes in all of this.

So stay tuned as we revisit many of the things most have forgot along the way. As the old saying goes:

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.