Still time to Join the Lawsuit

There is still plenty of time to add your name to the lawsuit. Here is a helpful video to explain how to join.

When reading news accounts about the Class Action Lawsuit many people get confused. They see the reports that say 8-11 number of people are involved in the case. Just to clarify for everyone. When a class action suit is filed, only a small portion are listed on the actual court documents. To the layperson reading them it looks as if just a few are involved.

You just have to realize they are just representatives of the whole class. They couldn’t very well refile each time someone else joins the suit.

If you have put off joining the suit because of this misconception, take the time to get you papers done to add your name to the MANY actually on file.

I’m Mad as Hell and I’m NOT Gonna Take it ANYMORE

AmyB has been reaching out to the former Kimkins members and what does she get for her trouble??? Some troll popping in to comment on her blog.

Lot’s of great people stepped up to the plate and let this troll have it. Yours truly was one of them.

I’m angry. Angry at this troll for coming onto Amy’s blog and putting her down. But the anger goes so much deeper than that.

I’m angry that our society has women convinced that they are worthless unless they are thin. Heidi plays that to the hilt. She counts on the need for women to conform to society’s ideals.

When will women realize they are just fine the way they are? Diets do not work. WLS does not work. If you are fat, look at your relatives—it’s genetic, people.

Repeat after me DIETS DO NOT WORK.

Sorry–off the soap box—for now.

The people still left at Kimkins are caught up in the idea of being thin. Their entire self worth rests on what the scale says. They are consumed with massive amounts of guilt if they OMG actually eat something.

Oh but they are dfoing if for their health. Like hell you are. But if you have convinced yourself that is your reason for being on a diet, let me tell you this.


Non dieters actually have better health then dieters do.

But back to Kimkins…..

Not only are these remaining Kimkins members falling for the whole I’ve gotta be thin load of crap. They are also degrading themselves even further by continuing to support a fraud and a liar.


AmyB, you keep reaching out to them….you are a good person.



Heidi’s Newest Pic

After Heidi removed herself from the front page recently, she up and decides to add her progress pic once again.

(Photo courtesy of Honeybee)

The usual conversation went on in the “Fascination With Kimmer” thread at LowCarbFriends. Is it a real pic? Is she really losing weight? Was it photoshopped?

At this point, I won’t believe any pic Heidi posts herself. Her track record for falsifying pics speaks volumes. I’m looking for some more concrete proof from an outside source before I believe anything from Heidi.

Heidi Gets Snarky

Poor old Heidi showed her true self over at the Kimpire yesterday. This lawsuit and all the Negative Nancies must be really getting to her.

As you all know, Heidi has never lost any weight, no matter what she has said in the past. So she is trying to be just “one of the gals” in this latest effort by the whole “Watch Us Lose” on the front page plus that idiotic “Pinky Swear Challenge”.

This is from the Kimpire(posted on LCF):

Kimmer and Singinglass ( front page ladies) 7 Hours, 29 Minutes ago

Let’s do some updated pictures…I LOVE to see how good everyone is looking. Kimmer..I know your pics must of changed with your weight loss and Singinglass ..I am so excited that you are in Onderland..great job.

Camarodiva and Sally…you look great…any updated pictures?

Have a great day.

To which Heidi replied:

Re:Kimmer and Singinglass ( front page ladies) 52 Minutes ago

Hey Amy! I sure appreciate your continued interest in how we’re doing on the front page. It wouldn’t be Monday with your post for new pics, right?

When new pics & updates are available they’ll be posted OK? Meanwhile, you’re a stone’s throw from goal so get yourself busy and post on all of your challenges! Time’s running out before summer!!! I know if you have time to ask about our pics, you’ve got time to keep up on your challenges.

You look fantastic!

Heidi isn’t losing any weight, y’all. I bet ya dollars to sugar cookies. That’s why she is being so snarky about the pics. She was already called out about the first pic she had up being fake. So she replaced it with the one currently showing. What happened to weekly updates? this challenge has been going on since Nov 12–the day of the M&J show. Yet Heidi has only had 2 pics up.

Well I guess I would be snarky too, if I still weighed 350+ pounds and probably gaining when I SAY I weigh only 267. Kinda hard to photoshop 100 lbs out of a pic without someone becoming suspicious.

Kimkins VS WLS

Everyone involved in the Kimkins saga remembers the glaring headline in the June 12, 2007 edition of Woman’s World magazine: Better Than Gastric Bypass. Kimkins is Not better than gastric bypass.

Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer is up to her old tricks. Comparing her “diet” with those having had WLS. This is her latest from the Kimpire:

“XXXXXXX – I’ll share a secret with you: the diet that
gastric bypass and lapband patients follow after surgery is veryKimkins like. lsnt it better to do the diet and skip the surgery?

We’ve got quite a few tummy surgery members. It’s not a fix-all and some people regain the weight because they find foods that are easy to eat after surgery (milkshakes, candy, mashed potatoes/gravy, Twinkies… )

It’s always an option if you decide to go that way and there’s nothing wrong with having it done if you and your doctor agree it’s the way to go. How about surprising yourself and stick to Kimkins for a month and
see for yourself? The Kimkins Shake Option is nearly identical to the post surgery liquid diet. And be sure to take a good quality multivitamin. I go with generic Centrum from Wal Mart (some ladies use prenatal).”

The WLS patient is prescribed a four part post-op diet. This varies from each bariatric center and each surgeon. Yet they are all similar. By stage four most are recommending just smaller portions of the food pyramid.

  1. Clear Liquids — The first stage of the gastric bypass diet, clear liquids (meaning beverages that you can almost see through), usually lasts for a day or two after the operation. The clear liquid diet starts with sips of water, and then allows foods like sugar-free juice, diet gelatin, boullion or clear broth, and flat (no fizz) diet soda in small amounts, usually 2-3 ounces at a time.
  2. Low-Fat Full Liquids — If no problems are experienced with clear liquids, the gastric bypass diet advances to high-protein liquids like diet Carnation Instant Breakfast™, Ensure™, or Sustacal™. This stage of the diet is started before discharge from the hospital and lasts for 1 to 2 weeks. Most patients also begin taking a chewable multivitamin/ mineral supplement at this stage.
  3. Soft/Purée Diet — The physician will indicate when it is time to advance to the soft or purée diet. Some patients are able to start this diet after they have been out of the hospital for about two weeks. Others may need to wait longer. The purée diet includes very soft, high-protein foods like scrambled egg, low-fat cheese or cottage cheese, or blenderized lean meats like tuna fish, chicken, or pork. Some patients find it more convenient to use strained baby foods. It is important to make sure that all foods are puréed or extremely soft and smooth in texture.
  4. Regular Diet — The regular diet starts about 8 weeks or later after gastric bypass surgery. While this diet includes all 5 food groups, it is important to start with high-protein foods, like lean meats or milk, at every meal. Each meal or snack should be small, with liquids consumed in between meals. Ask a dietitian for advice on planning an individualized regular diet pattern.

Here’s a sample menu:

Sample Menu
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • banana – 1/4 med
  • Scrambled egg – 1
  • toast, white –1/2 slice
  • margarine – 1 tsp
  • broiled chicken breast- 2 oz
  • carrots, boiled – 1/4 cup
  • margarine – 1 tsp
  • pasta salad – 1/4 cup
  • haddock, baked or broiled – 2 oz
  • green beans – 1/4 cup
  • dinner roll – 1/2
Morning snack

Afternoon Snack

Evening snack
  • graham crackers – 2
  • pudding, sugar-free, made with 2% fat milk – 1/2 cup
  • fruit cocktail, waterpacked – 1./2 cup
  • cheese, American – 1 oz
  • saltine crackers – 2
  • mustard – 1 tsp
*Consume nonfat milk between meals, throughout the day. Drink no more than 2 to 3 ounces at a time, for a daily total of 2 cups.
This Sample Diet Provides the Following
Calories 1011 Fat 37 gm
Protein 71 gm Calcium 1065 mg
Carbohydrates 97 gm Iron 6 mg

Do you see 500 calories anywhere on that sample menu??? Do you see liguids are for a SHORT period of time only?

Here are the actual post op instructions for Johns Hopkins for RNY and Lap-Band surgeries.

Laparoscopic or Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Patients

Lap Band Patients

Now let me tell you how I did the weight loss surgery thing. I did not follow the recommendations of my surgical center of a low fat way of eating. Hey even the bariatric centers are still stuck on stupid about the low carb approach, as you can plainly see from the above sample menu. They just encourage you to eat your protein first. There is a good reason for this. Your stomach is the size of an  egg for goddess sake. You have to give your body the best possible nutrition first. So you don’t eat your body instead instead.

Low fat is encouraged for two reasons. One being they are still caught up in the whole low fat dogma like the rest of the medical establishment. Secondly, many post WLSers just are unable to tolerate fat intake. They bypassed 2 feet of your intestine, of course you are going to handle fat differently.

As for the low calorie part of it, many do go for the low calorie in the beginning.  If you were throwing up every time you took a bite of the wrong food or ate too fast or didn’t chew well enough, you wouldn’t be getting in much food either. But that is not the norm of WLS. As time goes on their calories range from 1200-1500 calories.

I ate 2500 cals plus after progressing to stage four. I lost 200+ pounds in 2 years. I maintain now with 1800-2000 cals.

Constantly comparing the Kimkins starvation diet to WLS post-op diet is comparing apples and oranges. They are 2 entirely different things. Now compare the Kimkins diet and some of those followed on the pro-ana, pro-mia sites and you are right on the money there.
The biggest difference in the WLS diet and the Kimkins, the post WLSers are followed very closely by a full team of doctors and nutritonists.

Who does Kimkins have?

A morbidly obese psychopathic housewife with way too much time on her hands itching to swindle you out of your hard earned $80

Kimkins-Things that make you go hmmm……

the plan behind “The Plan Behind The Plan” « a fake blog about a real scam
What we think we’ve figured out — and this is just honest opinion, based like we said, on months of digging up stuff — what we think we’ve figured out is the plan, the real plan, the real business that’s being conducted beneath the cover of

And we think that business is way more badbad than a diet scam.

Stay tuned for Part Two ….





The Science of Wearing Red

In a recent post, Medusa, talked about Heidi’s affinity for wearing red.

Kimkins Controversy-Kimkins Scam posted a nice piece showing the science of wearing red. This is my favorite part:

A person who likes red can express many personality traits. The positive ones being passion, energy, and money making. The darker manifestations of those who favor reddish-brown colors can be addictions such as drugs, alcohol, eating disorders or emotional instability.

Sound like anyone we know???