I love a good mystery….

It all started with a drive by trolling at LCF, with many of the posts deleted too. Then it went to a very odd cryptic blog, that eventually went poof, not before screen shots were done. there have been so many twists and turns here…you have to read it all for yourself….

you have got to read all the comments to follow along with this saga…..

4 Responses

  1. It’s a good thing I’m watching, not participating in all the twists and turns, or I’d be even dizzier. Perhaps Heidi is not Martina, but as pointed out, they’re in cahoots, which makes all the finger-pointing done through vanishing cryptic remarks in-credible. (Incredible – not to be believed). So my basic instincts to ignore muttered warnings from unknown sources proved correct. But it makes life interesting, and when it finally gets to court, I can foresee one mightily confused Justice.

  2. Amazing all that’s gone on since that night of cryptic posts and the frenzied blog-o-changes that quickly disappeared. You just can’t make up stuff like this.

    My blog: Weighing The Facts

  3. One interesting thing has been discovering that it wasn’t just another drive by trolling! Sure, lots of the other dbt’s were intentional, and meant to accomplish a purpose. But this one — Martina’s Martini — this one went awry. This time Heidi went too far — if we’re reading Jeanessa and Prudentia correctly, this time Heidi has made the legally fatal misstep of actually intimidating witnesses (the plaintiffs in the lawsuit).

  4. […] mystery of Martin’s Martini turns out to be another case of collateral damage. Read the latest updates on this saga […]

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