Can Fat Be Fit and the Kimkins Scam

HoneyBee has posted a very powerful piece looking at the descrimination of being overweight.

Are We Viewing Obesity In the Correct Light? Can Fat be Fit?:

We, the obese-the fat girls, accept that we are unhealthy and that we don’t fit in with the latest trend to be super thin. We want to be those fabulous women we see in the magazines and on the tv. You better believe that our daughters will want to be those people too. So we try diets and we if we don’t succeed then it is one more blow to the ego. That is where diets like Kimkins are allowed to take hold. It offers fast weight loss with little or no exercise and it even touts that celebs have used the diet. The diet had a beautiful image of the owner of the site and page after page of success stories. But now it has been discovered that it all was fraudulent. Fake pictures, fake success stories. A scam! Lies told to sell the ongoing trend that a person, especially a woman, must be thin at all costs. Because being thin is healthy…right? Eating 500 calories a day is better than being fat…right? That is a big FAT NO!

Are we viewing obesity in the correct light? The fact is that most dieters are not trying to lose weight in the correct way. If you look at the struggles that the average dieter goes through with yoyo dieting and the health extremes in an effort to get thin, then the idea that being thin is more healthy then being fat doesn’t appear to be a given. I think we all should view our healthy weight set point as an individual number, that is as individual as we are as humans. For some their natural body set point would qualify them as fat according to the standards used for a BMI. I am not saying that fat acceptance is an excuse for not getting healthy. But I am saying that obesity is not viewed in the correct light, because fat can be fit for some.

Be sure and click over and read the whole post. Plus take a look at the videos posted also.

4 Responses

  1. thanks for sharing the link to that blog is just one of many sites that have conned overweight folk with false promises of safe easy weight loss .


  2. That Honeybee is one talented gal! Thanks for the link. I’m off to check it out right now!
    My blog: Kimorexia

  3. thanks for bringing this to our attention…Honeybee has a good point.

  4. Very thought-provoking stuff, you guys and the HoneyBee on this topic.


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