Imagine my surprise last night when I checked out the Kimkins website for the last time in 2007, only to discover that Heidi Diaz/Kimmer has a new picture up!Now, before you go to her site and raise her hit ranking on the web, which is not a good thing, above is her most recent weight-loss picture for your viewing pleasure.

This latest picture, where Heidi is wearing more makeup than a whore on a holiday (no disrespect to whores intended), I must say is a vast improvement over her badly photoshopped picture which appeared on her website on December 14, 2007:

What I find most amazing in viewing her latest picture is not only the amount of weight she alleges she has lost doing her own Kimkins starvation diet, but her penchant for the color red.

Let’s take a look at some of her other red outfits…

First of all, the lovely Lesya, the woman from the Russian bride website whose picture Heidi Diaz/Kimmer scoffed to represent her “after” picture on the Kimkins website. Not a good choice, Heidi.

Then, we have Heidi at her deposition in the civil action:

And now a closer look at Heidi’s new picture on her website:

You know, Heidi, every time I see another picture of you, I see RED.

How can you, in all good conscience, continue to lure unsuspecting people desperate to lose weight to your website in the hope that they will pay big bucks to you to learn how to literally starve themselves by following your deadly Kimkins diet? How?

Which brings to mind another RED

(from The Shining)

6 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for adding my “Red” post to Diary of a Mad Housewife.

    It is so important, especially at this time of year, to warn people desperate to lose weight of the dangers of signing up with any starvation diet plan.

    There is a lot of money to be made on the Web these days by scammers, who have NO medical training, hawking these half-brained diets.

    And thanks, as well, for raising the red flag about the deadly Kimkins diet and its founder Heidi Diaz/Kimmer.

    My blog: Medusa

  2. Happy new year! Say NO to Kimkins!

    Kimorexia Blog

    Resolve not to get ripped off by scams like Kimkins!

  3. and let us not forget the red tape Kimmer is trying to throw into the lawsuit with all her filings.

    who know taking down and Kimmer could be so complicated just getting to trial

  4. wonder if Kimmer knows according to the media blog about red that it makes you look heavier? red dress Kimmer look bigger to y’all?

  5. but seriously and Kimmer need to be stopped bfore any one else becomes a page on

    please if you bought a membership join the lawsuit


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