I will not quit….

I had some interesting comments on the post from yesterday.

First we have Dana :

She most certainly did tell her to eat, just not on the site because of people like you , who take things out of context and post on blogs…….HATERS…….just unreal, leave us alone please.


Followed by AvenueGirl:

Dana, if she told her to eat on the site then we wouldn’t have anything negative to discuss here. It is near impossible to see all the harm being done here when you are under Heidi’s trance.

We are not haters, we are normal people like you, some of which used to follow the plan, lost weight, but now suffer the consequences.

You think you’re getting ahead, but really the time in there will eventually set you back even further.

We choose not to leave you alone because we care. WE don’t get any financial support for what we are doing here. We do it because we care about people like you.

We offer support that is from our hearts.

It’s people like us that have learned from the experience and freely share what we have learned.

It’s the things that are not said that are the things to worry about. What you don’t know can hurt you.

Last comes Watcher:

So Dana, are you privy to pm’s between Heidi and Jane Doe? How do you know she told her to eat, if Heidi didn’t make it public? We have only the desperate pleadings of Jane as recently as last week. Where did you get your info from?

Dana, have you taken a look at Jane Doe’s journal entries?

An entry was sent to me last night. I will not post it in it’s entirety. But I do want to post one small section.

“I am going to do protein shakes, chicken broth and diet drinks for the next five days…Kimmer thinks it might get things moving on the scale.”

Did you get that Dana?

Heidi is telling her to drink protein shakes, chicken broth, and diet drinks.

Do you know what that is doing to her body? The body is starving. It will feed off the muscles.

The heart is a muscle.

Jane Doe is a prime candidate for sudden death from her diet and exercise.

So the answer is NO.

I will not quit.

AvenueGirl responds to Dana in more detail on her blog. Here is just a small excerpt from her post, Am I Off Topic Here?

I’m not going to lie to you Dana. I did not get it at first. I didn’t understand what the big deal was. I felt I wanted to be in charge, and make my own decisions. I didn’t need these crazy “haters” raining on my parade. So I entered the fascination thread to give them my two cents.

I took the time to stop and listen to their responses to me too. I wanted to understand why they were so intent on carrying on. It wasn’t just one or two looneys putting up a stink. Their number was probably somewhere in the hundreds.

Their compassion for others became clearly apparent to me within the writing of just a few posts. They had nothing to “sell” me. There was nothing in it for them. I was just an intruder. Yet, they took the time to listen to me, and treated me fairly.

Now I have joined the “haters” for better or worse. I understand their mission, and I believe the cause is beyond worthy.

Very well said. The cause is beyond worthy.


8 Responses

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  2. In the war between good and evil, we’re just glad that strong and dedicated people like you are on the side of good.

    Please hang in there.

  3. Shiphips is claiming to be Jane Doe, and got smacked down on Jimmy’s site for her zeal on behalf of Kimkins. She sounded full of sass and quite perturbed over others worrying needlessly about her. I wonder if we should delay our worry till she needs it? By then it will be too late, of course. Then what? Then all the worry in the world will not restore her to health.

  4. the damage is being done already even if it isn’t visible from the outside. just ask Christin about her heart damage from following Kimmer‘s advice to eat less not more on Kimkins.com

  5. Dana is lying to herself. All she has to do is read Jane Doe’s posts about how desperate she is, how frustrated, how little she is eating, what measures she’s taking to avoid eating, and the symptoms she’s experiencing.

    Heidi Diaz has no business counseling a person in Jane Doe’s condition – not even if she’s the one who helped her get there.

  6. Hopefully Dana will continue reading/commenting, and let everyone know of her Kimkins journey as time goes by. Hearing the personal experience of everyone, including certainly people who are currently on this diet and currently believe in it, is moving, in a profound way.

    Dana if you’re reading this, please know people care and we hope you’ll continue communicating no matter what — speak out, speak up, from your own heart and mind, tell the truth as you see it, and know that truth is strong enough to shift and morph over time — personal experience causes that shifting and morphing.

    Best wishes to you Dana and to all the others there inside the Kimpire, who are in the process of becoming Survivors themselves.

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