The Kimkins Debate

For months we have watched this saga unfold. Although it really all began many years ago. These last months have proved to be trying for many people. Now Heidi is spouting off about how the freezing of her assets is making a hardship on her and Kimkins. All I can say is yipee. Maybe this will finally make her close up shop and move on.

The VLCD pushed by Heidi and her band of minions is dangerous. What you eat when you are on Kimkins, causes undue amount of terrible side effects. Why do you want to do that to yourself, just to be thin? Is it an eating disorder or a diet?

We need to take down Kimkins NOW.


4 Responses

  1. Couldn’t agree more!

    So much horrible stuff has been revealed, yet the truth about Kimkins is still being uncovered. It’s scary, and worth the effort to address!

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  3. Thanks for pointing those things out about Kimmer‘s dangerous diet sold on

    Hopefully no one else will become a page on Kimkins survivors

  4. Any weight loss on Kimmer’s diet usually rebounds quickly, since she has no maintenance plan. Bouncing up and down is yo-yo dieting, which can kill you if Kimmer’s recipe for starvation, malnutrition and eating disorders doesn’t. There is no real debate about her diet – it is a nutritional disaster. So that leaves Kimmer herself to debate – and she has admitted to lying and fraud. What’s to debate? The only question is when the law will shut her down – not if.

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