Dana Carpender says “No Comment” about Kimkins

Does Dana Carpender support Kimkins or not? Back in May this year, I expressed disappointment that by all accounts Dana Carpender was in favor of the Kimkins Diet. I then pointed out:

“References to Dana’s support of Kimkins are still available on the internet. There is no information that she has denounced Kimkins or that she disagrees with the Kimkins diet. From all appearances she still supports it.”

Soon after writing the above post, I was informed that Jimmy Moore was going to interview Dana for a podcast. I felt confident that she would then take the opportunity to officially denounce the Kimkins Diet.

So did she? Jimmy says in his introduction to the podcast:

“And you NEVER have to worry about Dana coming up with an opinion–she’s got plenty of ’em to go around!”

That obviously doesn’t apply to Kimkins. She doesn’t have much to say about it one way or the other. Just referring to that she doesn’t know enough about it.


She knew enough about it one year ago to email Jimmy in support of the diet. But now she can not find a few minutes to read the stories on Kimkins Survivors? Or the excellent summary on About.com? How can anybody in the online lowcarb community not know about Kimkins?

I also know for a fact that prominent anti-kk bloggers/activists have emailed Dana, asking her to take a stance. To no avail.

Jimmy Moore tells us:

“She (Dana) has arguably had more influence on the way people view a low-carb lifestyle on the publishing and consumer side than anyone else ever has!”

If that is true, I think Dana needs to take to heart the message that was once delivered to Jimmy Moore himself by Duckyopines (Kimkins Exposed):

“With growing popularity, comes decisions and responsibilities, which with one wrong move, can quickly end all you’ve built. The internet is like sand, nothing is guaranteed, and for success that continues in the long-term, one must be conscious of the fragile nature of the online experience.”

Dana Carpender still supporting Kimkins?

Dana had a long absence from her blog Hold the Toast but started posting again at the beginning of this year. Somehow she managed to find the time to comment on the Kimkins controversy during the time the didn’t keep up her blog. And what was her comment? She supported Kimkins! Perhaps not very surprising as Dana’s latest book (from 2006) was titled “Every Calorie Counts Cookbook: 500 Great-Tasting, Sugar-Free, Low-Calorie Recipes”

References to Dana’s support of Kimkins are still available on the internet. There is no information that she has denounced Kimkins or that she disagrees with the Kimkins diet. From all appearances she still supports it.

While the original comment has been removed from Jimmy Moore’s site, Dana’s statement is still available, in part, on Carbwire:

July 16, 2007

I recently wrote about this whole subject of believing so strongly in a singular diet as the means for weight loss and improved health in this blog post and I got both criticism and support from people who are on either side of this issue. Many support the Kimkins low-carb diet for people who want to try it to lose weight and get healthy while others oppose Kimkins because they think the founder of the diet is fraud and the diet is dangerously unhealthy.

But in the midst of all of this back and forth about who’s right, I received an unexpected e-mail from a major voice in the low-carb community to say the least–it’s Dana Carpender! This bestselling low-carb recipe queen and cookbook author has been watching all of this debate over the Kimkins diet lately and scratching her head about what the big deal is.

Dana is not at all happy with the way the Kimkins haters have responded to this diet which is helping a whole lot of people shed the pounds when nothing else worked for them. She has a message to share with those who have been most vocal in this despicable display of disgusting behavior over a low-carb diet option like Kimkins.

It’s a pity the email is no longer available. Did Dana really call us ‘haters” or is that something that Jimmy added?

I would also like to know what Dana thinks about Kimkins today. She is not saying anything about it. Why? She spoke out in support of Kimkins back then. Is that still how she feels? I think she needs to clarify her stand as she is an important figure in the low carb community thanks to her cook books

Just Ducky

Let me reintroduce you to “Just Ducky“. This persona came on the Kimkins scene way back when Jimmy Moore was gung-ho about Kimkins. That blog no longer exists but man did they really lay in to old Jimmy. It was nothing compared to the things that were dug up once they focused on Heidi.

You will notice I refer to Ducky as “they”. Because it is “they”. The handle has morphed over time to be just one person. Just look back at their introductory post:

We are a group of concerned individuals, working together under the collective pen-name ‘Just Ducky’.

When it came to Ducky’s tactics, either people loved or hated them. Many accused them of going too far. They were accused often of being completely over the top. We disagree. They reported facts. As was their stated purpose in their opening post.

With no illusion of grandeur, we share what we know and then write & publish here without any compensation or support from outside sources. There is no grand conspiracy, there is no organized attack, there is no naked or wrinkled Oz behind the curtain.

No, here we simply lay out the facts and leave it to you, our intelligent readers, to understand the danger that is the Kimkins Diet.

Even the most gifted writers have a biased slant to their writings. Ducky’s was no different. It is hard NOT to let your personal feelings show through in your writings. Yet the facts are still there.
Their blog had it’s humble beginnings on July 28, 2007. They were an overnight success. Reporting 5000+ visitors with that first post. They ran full steam right up until the “red dress pic” was found. Introducing “Kimmer”, October 6, 2007 was their last update to the blog.

What happened? Where did they go? Was it burnout? Did they feel like so many others? Did they think that it is in the hands of the courts now, so the job is finished? We will probably never know unless they decide to come back on the scene.

We will be revisiting many of Ducky’s old posts. New comers to the Kimkins saga need to see just how we got to where we are today. Also many of those who have followed this from the very beginning have forgotten much of the info found on Ducky’s blog. We think it’s time to refresh their memory.

So stay tuned, as we sift through and re-explore “Kimkins Exposed“.


If any of you are reading this post, you need to remember this. Heidi still has unsuspecting people signing up everyday. Just take note in the court papers how much money was taken in AFTER the “red dress pic” was found. So hear our plea for help to continue the fight.


The Players in this Saga

Over the course of this saga, there have been many key players. At times each as had it’s share of controversy. Over the coming weeks we’ll be looking at each one. Showing the good that has been done along with the bad.

If you ask most people outside of the low carb online community about the Kimkins Diet. They will respond, what is the Kimkins Diet? So for those who may stumble on this site in the coming New Year, background info needs to be revisited.

We will be looking at these following key players:

  • Catherine and Martin/slamboard
  • Ducky
  • the Truth
  • Becky
  • Christin
  • Deni
  • Jeanessa
  • Jimmy Moore
  • Tippy Toes
  • SingingLass
  • the Anti-Kimkins bloggers
  • LowCarbFriends

There are many. many. many folks who have worked tirelessly in the background. Not looking for any type of recognition. Only doing what their conscious feels is right. Many not having any stake whatsoever in the lawsuit. Just looking out for their fellow man, woman, and child. For those we give thanks for your efforts. You are the unsung heroes in all of this.

So stay tuned as we revisit many of the things most have forgot along the way. As the old saying goes:

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.