Dana Carpender says “No Comment” about Kimkins

Does Dana Carpender support Kimkins or not? Back in May this year, I expressed disappointment that by all accounts Dana Carpender was in favor of the Kimkins Diet. I then pointed out:

“References to Dana’s support of Kimkins are still available on the internet. There is no information that she has denounced Kimkins or that she disagrees with the Kimkins diet. From all appearances she still supports it.”

Soon after writing the above post, I was informed that Jimmy Moore was going to interview Dana for a podcast. I felt confident that she would then take the opportunity to officially denounce the Kimkins Diet.

So did she? Jimmy says in his introduction to the podcast:

“And you NEVER have to worry about Dana coming up with an opinion–she’s got plenty of ’em to go around!”

That obviously doesn’t apply to Kimkins. She doesn’t have much to say about it one way or the other. Just referring to that she doesn’t know enough about it.


She knew enough about it one year ago to email Jimmy in support of the diet. But now she can not find a few minutes to read the stories on Kimkins Survivors? Or the excellent summary on About.com? How can anybody in the online lowcarb community not know about Kimkins?

I also know for a fact that prominent anti-kk bloggers/activists have emailed Dana, asking her to take a stance. To no avail.

Jimmy Moore tells us:

“She (Dana) has arguably had more influence on the way people view a low-carb lifestyle on the publishing and consumer side than anyone else ever has!”

If that is true, I think Dana needs to take to heart the message that was once delivered to Jimmy Moore himself by Duckyopines (Kimkins Exposed):

“With growing popularity, comes decisions and responsibilities, which with one wrong move, can quickly end all you’ve built. The internet is like sand, nothing is guaranteed, and for success that continues in the long-term, one must be conscious of the fragile nature of the online experience.”

7 Responses

  1. Posted on behalf of 2Big

    I waded through the whole interview to hear her say finally Jimmy you got it wrong I never supported the diet, it it was not to be.

    I thought it spoke mountains about her that Jimmy ask her about something else earlier in the interview she was not informed about and she point blank ask folk to send her information on it , but the kimkins issue after saying she hadn’t read about it did not get the send me info on it response from her.

    She is like an ostrich with her head firmly lowered to the ground not looking not seeing.

  2. I agree with you 2Big! Thanks to you and a couple of others, I didn’t have to listen to the entire tape as I could fast forward to the relevant section. I also knew ahead of time that she didn’t say anything about Kimkins but it was still disappointing to hear how quickly she cut Jimmy off when he asked about it.

  3. Not personally know much about Ms. Carpender, it would seem that she’s afraid of becoming a target of the few pro-Kimkins activists out there. It’s sad. Kimkins has hurt a great number of people and it would seem Dana could add quite a bit to the effort to rid the low-carb world of Kimkins.

  4. It strikes me that her publishers ordered her not to get involved slamming another low carb source, regardless of the fact Kimkins is low everything. It’s considered rude in many circles for a successful published author to diss other authors in the same field. Not to mention there are many claws waiting to rend her whichever way she jumps. “No comment” is weak, but maybe the only thing allowed under the circumstances.

  5. Watcher – I see your point, but the e-book that Typo Toes wrote hardly qualifies Kimmer as an author.

  6. MB – I only knew about Dana as an author of a low carb cook book but I would think she has better chances of selling the next one by siding with the anti-kk than the pro-kk. I can’t see that you have a need of a cookbook if following the Kimkins Diet. How many ways can you cook skinless chicken and egg whites?
    As it stands now, Dana’s ONLY opinion about Kimkins is the one she voiced last year, and that was in favor of it.

  7. […] it.??? Soon after writing the above post, I was informed that Jimmy Moore was going to interviewhttps://kimkinsdiettruth.wordpress.com/2008/07/15/dana-carpender-says-no-comment-about-kimkins/Diet Wars: Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat ABC NewsA new study suggests that low-carb diets may peel off more […]

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