We’re all on the same side, right?

I’d like to speak up and out and address a point that has really been bothering me since I left kimkins. I know I am not the only one as I have talked with other “refugees” who feel this way.

When I left the Kimpound I was 65 or so pounds lighter than when I was when I entered. I know people who have lost more, people who have lost less, some none at all. Some were strict, some like me did “Atkins days” here and there. And yes I KNOW if you tweaked it, it’s not really kimkins. But no matter how you parse it, it was still a VLCD.

I am fully aware that this was not the correct way to lose the weight nor was it healthy. I knew that in my heart and head when I was doing it. I also know that there may be far reaching ramifications later on. Sometimes desperation will do that to you. Heidi Diaz knows desperation and she preys on it. A slick marketing plan was so easy to swallow.

Nonetheless, I did lose the weight. Now what? 

Some people chant that they never did KK in high and mighty tones and boast they’d NEVER be so foolish. They repeatedly assure us this weight loss is not realistically sustainable, no matter what.

It doesn’t matter if we find a healthy eating and exercise plan, according to them, it will come back. Just wait!

I find it interesting that some readily admit to having eating disorders themselves.

Yet, instead of encouraging and helping ex-kkers to find a healthy WOE and maintenance plan while attempting to sustain the loss, they become finger waggers in their blogs and on the forums. They discourage and dishearten. I can see why some refugees feel the need to run back to their perceptions of a “safe” place.

I know one woman who says every time she hears this she feels like diving head first into the Ben and Jerry’s because someone is telling her it doesn’t matter what she does she won’t ever be able to stay the way she is.  

It’s almost as though it is unconscious encouragement by some to revert to the same behaviors that you had before you lost the weight.

I am sure that they say and write the things they do out of pure altruism.  They are trying to stop the influx of newbies; they are trying to prevent innocents from being lead like lambs to the slaughter.   

But don’t forget that there are many refugees, who while they may have had weight and esteem issues pre kimkins might have many more post kimkins. People come out fragile, whether or not their on-screen personality reflects it. And we struggle every day.

Please, for the sake of those who have actually been there, have a little mercy.

We’re all on the same side right?





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  1. Ouch! That’s got to hurt.

    Thanks for sharing how comments like that make you feel. For each person who comes right out and states they feel this way, there are probably many more who remain silent – and hurt.

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  3. Bama –
    Thank you for the encouragement and understanding. That post was not so much about a certain invitable weight gain that will happen but about the mantra of “you will gain it all back and more”. I have talked to a dietician myself and that kind of weight gain can be managed while metabolisim and health is healed.

    I hate to see those fresh out of KK set up for more and more failure. Since there is and never was a maintenance plan it is up to us to read and ask questions and learn what is right for us. Lessons learned.

    All I ask for is support for all of us not “I told you sos”.


  4. Maybe instead of the “I told your so” attitude, people who are survivors and just keep telling their story and those fresh to coming out will see that yes…you can and will gain it back. I’m sorry, but as hard as I and others tried to maintain that weight loss….it did not happen. NO, I did not gain it all back but it sure started going on fast and I gained 2/3 of it back. I guess some loss if better than none. The other thing is…it does make it hard to get your head around dieting again. I guess we should just direct the newbee’s to other blogs and threads to help them understand. Just my .02

  5. Truth, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some of us ex-KK didn’t regain ANY weight after leaving KK . Each person is different. What I believe is important is that we keep sharing our stories and reach those people who are still struggling. We each have our own truth in this saga and it’s important to share that and be as honest as possible. What’s true for some won’t necessarily be true for others.

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  7. I wanted to make a comment, Truth. I am now on the same side as you, even if we have exchanged glances from the fence line. Lost weight like you did also. Yes I too feared weight regain and yes I did have some bounce back. But thanks to the people who did reach out to me (and they know who they are) I was able to maintain all but 8 lbs from my lowest weight at KK. I am still mastering the art of maintenance and exercise and yes, I have to do one to have the other. But it is worthwhile. And yes it is a struggle with good and bad weigh in days.

    One possibility for my regain was HRT. I have cut them in half now. Another possibility was that I was at a weight too low for me to maintain. And there is the possibility I stuck the last weight loss phase out for too long before returning to Atkins and reduced metabolism function. But I will never be sure what caused it or why. Just that it happened… On the second possibility of being too low in weight for me, perhaps. Last summer I weighed exactly what I do now and wear the same size.

    While it is true I have discovered my thyroid is low functioning, my Doctor believes this was pre-existing because I have had a 20 year history of horrible lumps/cysts, ect which is a symptom and which have now stopped with meds. My Mom had them too but was never diagnosed. I will say I don’t think prolonged dieting was helpful and Kimkins likely was the worst for my thyroid.

    I agree the blogs were frightening to read and it did seem like “Haha, you’ll never keep it there” in many cases. They made me sometimes wish I had never left the safety of the Kimpound where I wouldn’t have to face these issues… Cause they are not discussed there… Like sticking my head in the sand made it better but in a way yes…

    I am still struggling for answers as to a proper balance of fats/carbs/calories and am waiting for help with Atkins Center on the subject. I am convinced from my past experience with both Atkins and Kimkins that there IS a proper way to balance it all out without resorting to the ultra low and dangerous KK plans.

    I have also noted that even some Atkins folks experience some regain… Without changing a thing in the diet. I am determined to find the answers.

    My goal (besides staying at goal) is to help others coming from or still doing Kimkins plans. I do not encourage Kimkins plans anymore though since learning of the health hazzards which I know now are so very real. At Campcarbaway anyone can continue to do KK plans if they want without bashings BUT we will not post the diet or promote it and are searching for alternatives and hoping Atkins can be modified to fit everyone without the extremes of KK. We will never turn a KKer away just because they don’t want to abandon the diet. We hope to see them stay safe but we know we cannot push too far or they will run back. So we allow them in with open arms and we continue to search for help. Getting them out of the kimpound is half the battle, helping them find a healthier alternative is the other half.

    Gosh, I really do understand when someone says to me that Atkins quit working and that KK was the only way… But it isn’t the only way. If cutting out most of the fat works, what happens if you just lowered a little fat? That is something I am hoping to get answers from Atkins Nutritionist concerning % of fats, calories and proteins for each phase. I now realize there is a fine line between too much and too little fats and I hope they will help answer that.

    If you don’t mind, I will send you the answers I get from Atkins for your blog.


    Jeannie Baitinger

  8. Tippy

    Glad to hear from you. Thanks for your comments.
    I went straight to Atkins after I left KK 7 months ago today. I regained less than 10 pounds and have lost all that plus a few more. It is tough but I am giving it my all.

    I am more concerned for those who need support now..Telling someone constantly that they will fail will just push them into failure. There is just no reason for the negatvity to send them into even more misery and dispair by telling them what they did was for nothing. They need to be confident enough to leave and then try to adapt to the change. If they fail, then they can at least have the satisfaction of knowing that they did what they could given the circumstances.

    A sensible & realistic eating plan should be first and foremost, plus encouragement, love and kindness. Everybody can always use some of that.

  9. This is the first time I’ve read your blog and it’s refreshing to see someone stating the things that I’ve been feeling. I did gain back just about all I had lost with kimkins, but did the same with Atkins before starting kk. I still battle with what I know works and what other’s say is more healthy. I’m being totally honest here. I only found this blog because I was researching wls and wondering just why there would be a difference between a vlc wls plan and a vlcd without wls. Anyway, thanks for blogging. I’ll definitely be reading more as I have time. Adding to my favorites now…


  10. it isn’t so much telling them they will fail as preparing them for the scale moving the wrong way and not paniking with a return to the unhealthy kimkins eating to get those pounds off and then going back to healthy eating.

    Many kimkinettes lost lean body tissue if they did the 2007 plan even if they didn’t do any of the plan behind the plan stuff. They eat below the protein needs for growth repair and glucose production needed by a low carber to maintain a normal glucose level. when they start eating healthy again their body will use all protein availible to repair those damaged tissues and store amino acids because it just suffered through what it believes genetically to have been a time of famine. there is nothing anybody can do to avoid those added scale pounds unless they eat unhealthy again and use up those pounds of muscle and organ protein as fuel again period.

    letting them know ahead of time that yes the scale will creep up some as you heal your body is much kinder then waiting till they see it on the scale panic and jump back to kimkins cause Atkins or PP made them fat again in their minds.

    I wish everybody could have their body fat measured and see those pounds are not fat but most folk don’t have the money to have it measured to reassure themselves of that fact.

    The fact every kimkineete knows they can shed scale weight on the plan can’t be erased from their minds and that is what we are fighting when trying to help them make the transition. it is like adrug addict they know what the high feels like and they want that feeling bad or they would never have endured the sufferring to get it to begin with and they have easy access to getting it any time they want usingkimkins.

    I wouild much rather say hey the scale is going to be cruel right now but you will be healtheir and smaller as a result of that change in the long run IF you will put up with it for a few weeks now Then have person A who has gleefully come out of kimkins.con and decided to eat a healtheir plan posting away about how great oopsie rolls and veggies taste and how much better they feel and then vaporize at tehir first weigh in cause the scale moved the wrong way and now they are back in the kimpire starving again cuase the higher fat safer plan doesn’t “work” for them.

  11. Right , 2big got your excellent (as always!) points.

    I wonder if some are misinterpreting what I was trying to say. Maybe I am too close to this emotionally. However I do see some support for my points from those of us who are actually living this. (Hugs Tami, come back anytime)

    Saying that there will be a gain after stopping a VLCD is not the problem. It is unrealistic to expect that it won’t happen to most people.

    The problem is that there are those that say that people WILL gain it all back plus more; any weight loss is unsustainable no matter what. That is just piling more on those who have enough to deal with already.

    Why do we have to set people up for failure when their emotions are fragile as it is? You don’t browbeat somene who is down in order to get your point across. That never works no matter what the situation.

    I hope that all us exKKers will find a healthy way to get thought the transition with diet and exericise. All I am asking for is encouragement and support for those who really need it.

  12. Brace yourself. This is going to upset a lot of faithful Atkins folks. But here is the info. This is from Colette Heimowitz from The Atkins Research Center. She is VP for Nutrition and Communications.

    Colette Heimowitz
    Subject: Re: Fat in Atkins Diet
    Date: 17 mins ago

    First let me say that thsi is not an exact science, however I could give you some general observations, but of course, individual responses will vary depending on carbohydrate tolerance.

    Here is Fat/Protein/Carbohydrate Ratios for phases;

    Induction is typically 60/30/10 or 60/35/5

    OWL can be 50/30/20

    Maintenance can be 40/30/30

  13. There are some excellent points here. I think it behooves all of us to realize that it’s hard to read tone of voice in a posting. What some may mean to be honest and just trying to prepare ex-Kimkins dieters for reality, can come off as though you’re saying – there’s no way you’re going to be successful, so why even try? It’s easy to hit submit, before thinking about what you’ve said or how it may be perceived.

    Fortunately, there are a huge number of ex-Kimkins dieters and people who knew Kimmer from LCF who are out there and ready to lend a hand to those struggling. We can all be proud of that!

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