A Good Man?

Some guys are like roses.

You’ve got to watch out for the pricks. (unknown)


Today it was revealed though some intrepid detective work that “Crispybread” of  Kimkins, various blogs and LCF troll fame is actually Gary Fontaine, an employee of the Kimpire.


It was assumed by most that Crispybread was actually Heidi Diaz herself.


As it turned out Crispybread is a man.


I had a father. I have a brother. I have nephews. I have a husband. I have a son. I have many male friends. I have had the benefit of many good men in my life.


So now I have to stop and wonder,  just what kind of man is this? Is this a good man?


A good man likes children and respects women, motherhood and family.


A good man would treat any woman, no matter how much he disagrees with her with appropriate dignity:  Much like he’d treat his mother, wife, sister or daughter.


A good man would never attack a helpless child and the child’s long suffering family. He would show kindness and compassion to those who are hurting.


A good man would reach out to others and try to help them as he saw fit, no matter what the ramifications. He would step in and lend comfort, a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on instead of only thinking about his self and his own seemingly cruel pleasures at someone else’s pain.


A good man, even though he might not be the most verbose or literate person, would never stoop to taking other’s words and calling them his own.


A good man would never leave anonymous comments with purely ugly insults and lies. He would be proud of his own thoughts and willing to share them with others.


A good man is proud of his own name and his identity. He would stand up and admit who he is and what he stands for in his life.


A good man would never hide behind the skirts of a woman. Especially a woman like Heidi Diaz. 



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  1. Amen Sistah!

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