Oh, but it’s the member’s fault….

One of the biggest arguments Kimkins supporters have to date is blaming the members for their own health problems. consistently saying they were cutting the calories on their own. They should have known better.

Here are the exact words SingingLass had to say on the Good Morning America show:

DELANEY DEAVER (aka SingingLass): We don’t tell people to starve, we encourage them to eat and I think there’s gonna be eating disorders that happen, you know, in any situation when somebody has an issue with food, but we try to prevent that from happening by giving people support.

and then we have a (:cough: sock puppet :cough:) member stating here:

People who have failed and have taken the diet to the extreme (eating less than 1000 calories a day…duh? commom sense?) are the main anti-kimkims supporters.

and the same “member” quoted here:

It is not the diet that made some people sick…it was their own fault for taking the diet to the extreme. I am sad that they say they got sick because of Kimkins. If they did not check with their doctor either before starting the diet or shortly after losing some weight, and discussing with their doctor, it is their own fault for getting sick.

These are just the most recent examples of blaming the members for cutting their own calories. Yet look what was posted on the FWK thread just last night by HoneyBee:

Kimkins- member asks for a review of their menu

…..I usually eat the following, but the weightloss is between 0-1lbs off per week!
B- (IF i have breakfast) Bacon or whey shake
L- leftover meat from the evening before (pork, beef, chicken) with a stick of celery, and 1 tbs mayo OR whey shake
D- Meat with salad or green veg.
Water, 1 coffee, multivitamin, detox tea (3 times per week)
IF i have a snack, it is a boiled egg or slice of meat or SF Jello or 10 almonds (no more than once per week)

‘Plumbing’ is all good- I am doing gentle exercise (I’m no gym bunny!)-I’m not deluding myself and ‘forgetting’ some things that go in my mouth, i keep a diary of everything that passing my lips.
Thanks for listening

Heidi responds

Hey girl!

First of all, look at your “before” and “current” pics and you’re a totally different person! You’ve done an awesome job!!! Everything looks good in your sample menu, but if you want to tweak a bit here’s what I’d suggest:

1) Skip pork & beef for now, stick with skinless chicken, turkey, fish, tuna
2) Be sure to use low cal low carb salad dressing
3) If your detox tea contains senna (Smooth Move) that’s a laxative so consult your doctor
4) 1 large egg, 1 string cheese, 10 almonds are 80-100 calories each and can add up
5) What about adding 1-2 servings of List 1 veggies in place of 80-100 snacks?

You’ve lost 56 pounds! The closer you get to goal, the slower loss goes because your smaller body naturally needs and burns fewer calories to maintain that smaller weight.

Don’t give up! You’re soooooo close, you’ll make it. Stay tough & focused

SingingLass responds

The things thats stuck out to me were the bacon, beef, almonds, and possibly the whey shakes.

Bacon and beef can be higher in fat….typically just like lean steak now and then. Almonds really are not on the plan while in losing phase, and people report all the time about getting stalled up when the grab for nuts. Perfectly great for maintaining though. I would say maybe cut out the whey shakes for a little while just to see if you notice a difference, it is one of those things that some people are fine with but others can stall a bit, also depending on the shake.

What are you putting in your coffee?

BTW—you look great! You also have such cute clothes, where do you shop?

Even an imbecile can see this member is not taking in that many calories to begin with. Yet Heidi and SingingLass are quick to tell her to cut out even more.

But, oh, it’s the member’s fault for cutting calories to the bare minimum….

4 Responses

  1. Every time I hear that, it makes me so mad! These people have no clue as to what was promoted when we were following KK. We were not given the option of 800 cal or even 1000 cals at that time. I did what I was told to do to lose and it caused problems. I’m not stupid and I’ve followed many diets in my lifetime and I never had the problems I had “eating lean meats”, “just enough fat to make it work” blah, blah, blah. Get a clue people, this diet IS dangerous. We all know not one person is telling their Doctor the truth!! No Doctor in their right mind would support KK as Heidi intended it to be. Sure, follow the Diet Center’s old diet of eggs, chicken, salads, tuna and veggies…but didn’t even they get shut down for problems? Tweek it…at least you will live longer.

    Even if the diet is a good diet….what about Heidi being a fraud and scaming people out of at least a million dollars while eating her sugar cookies and telling you to cut out the beef and cream in your coffee? I have to give her credit though…she is CYA by telling you to see your doctor if having potty problems. I bet she sent a PM telling them to continue with the smooth move tea though!! Keep it movin!!

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  4. The current members are getting the CLSD (current lawsuit diet) guidelines. Pre-lawsuit members know the true story and plenty have evidence of what really went down at the kimpound when Heidi still thought she *didn’t have to take that back* and cover her red dress covered, fake, Russian bride, lying, supposed 118 pound keester.

    In the shadow of the looming lawsuit, Heidi has been forced to change her own diet and that’s the ONLY reason you see changes. But, you can’t change photo-shopped spots so easily and she’s slipping up, sneaking in some of the old style diet guru guidance.

    I can only assume that those that like to point the finger of blame at fellow KK members (be they past or present) must be uninformed of the history and tactics of Corona’s number one sugar-cookie eating bandit. JMHO

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