Heidi Gets Snarky

Poor old Heidi showed her true self over at the Kimpire yesterday. This lawsuit and all the Negative Nancies must be really getting to her.

As you all know, Heidi has never lost any weight, no matter what she has said in the past. So she is trying to be just “one of the gals” in this latest effort by the whole “Watch Us Lose” on the front page plus that idiotic “Pinky Swear Challenge”.

This is from the Kimpire(posted on LCF):

Kimmer and Singinglass ( front page ladies) 7 Hours, 29 Minutes ago

Let’s do some updated pictures…I LOVE to see how good everyone is looking. Kimmer..I know your pics must of changed with your weight loss and Singinglass ..I am so excited that you are in Onderland..great job.

Camarodiva and Sally…you look great…any updated pictures?

Have a great day.

To which Heidi replied:

Re:Kimmer and Singinglass ( front page ladies) 52 Minutes ago

Hey Amy! I sure appreciate your continued interest in how we’re doing on the front page. It wouldn’t be Monday with your post for new pics, right?

When new pics & updates are available they’ll be posted OK? Meanwhile, you’re a stone’s throw from goal so get yourself busy and post on all of your challenges! Time’s running out before summer!!! I know if you have time to ask about our pics, you’ve got time to keep up on your challenges.

You look fantastic!

Heidi isn’t losing any weight, y’all. I bet ya dollars to sugar cookies. That’s why she is being so snarky about the pics. She was already called out about the first pic she had up being fake. So she replaced it with the one currently showing. What happened to weekly updates? this challenge has been going on since Nov 12–the day of the M&J show. Yet Heidi has only had 2 pics up.

Well I guess I would be snarky too, if I still weighed 350+ pounds and probably gaining when I SAY I weigh only 267. Kinda hard to photoshop 100 lbs out of a pic without someone becoming suspicious.

5 Responses

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  2. Ah, cut a fat sister some slack. Most of us have fudged our weights occasionally, particularly if harassed by nosy friends or relatives. I feel Heidi is trying to diet down to her photoshopped image; so the disconnect between her claimed weight and court appearances won’t be so dramatic. I think she has lost some weight – she has compelling reason$ for doing so. But after the last savaging her shopped photo took, unless she posted an actual one with all the lumps and bumps intact, which would seriously wound her ego, I don’t blame her for refraining from more laughable pictures. (That would also require honesty, a virtue Heidi lacks.)

  3. At last, the real Heidi is standing up …

    Great post!

  4. Cut her some slack? I don’t think so! She’s got 40,000+ people’s money, which she earned by lying!

    I think the photo requests are hitting just a little close to home! Members are supposed to ‘watch her lose’, remember? Gums are flapping but anything to watch is in very short supply!

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