Heidi’s Spin on Things

Heidi once again throws her “spin” to make things look better than they really are.

Her latest is that idiotic juvenile Pinky Swear Challenge. She is trumpeting the fact that this week’s weigh-in has resulted in well over 200lbs lost in the challenge. Sounds real impressive on the surface doesn’t it.

Do a little math though and it averages out to be a little over 3 lbs a person. Big whoop de friggin doo. The average Atkins dieter can do that each and every week and they actually get to eat.

Plus when the person following Atkins hits maintenance, there’s actually a program in place.

Anyone can starve and lose weight. The key to being a success at any weight loss effort is maintaining it. With Kimkins, it ain’t gonna happen. The minute you put any real food in your mouth—boom pounds pop on. Plus they bring lots of friends with them. It’s the way the human body is designed for survival.

She’s a manipulator plain an simple. Don’t fall for it.

2 Responses

  1. You are sooooo right. Heidi and Kimkins – it’s all a big fat lie supported by doctored or stolen photos, phony posters and a few desperate dieters who need help to let go of the misinformation they’ve gotten at Kimkins.

    VLCD are dangerous and do not work long-term. Healthy low carb is the way to go.

  2. That whole “we’re all in this together” thing is such a transparent attempt at gaining sympathy from members. Just wait until they find out they’ve been lied to AGAIN. Heidi is encouraging people to ‘get tough’ when she’s not capable of doing it herself. Unfortunately, these people would be better off nutritionally if they did cheat!OYB
    My blog: Kimorexia

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