Just Ducky

Let me reintroduce you to “Just Ducky“. This persona came on the Kimkins scene way back when Jimmy Moore was gung-ho about Kimkins. That blog no longer exists but man did they really lay in to old Jimmy. It was nothing compared to the things that were dug up once they focused on Heidi.

You will notice I refer to Ducky as “they”. Because it is “they”. The handle has morphed over time to be just one person. Just look back at their introductory post:

We are a group of concerned individuals, working together under the collective pen-name ‘Just Ducky’.

When it came to Ducky’s tactics, either people loved or hated them. Many accused them of going too far. They were accused often of being completely over the top. We disagree. They reported facts. As was their stated purpose in their opening post.

With no illusion of grandeur, we share what we know and then write & publish here without any compensation or support from outside sources. There is no grand conspiracy, there is no organized attack, there is no naked or wrinkled Oz behind the curtain.

No, here we simply lay out the facts and leave it to you, our intelligent readers, to understand the danger that is the Kimkins Diet.

Even the most gifted writers have a biased slant to their writings. Ducky’s was no different. It is hard NOT to let your personal feelings show through in your writings. Yet the facts are still there.
Their blog had it’s humble beginnings on July 28, 2007. They were an overnight success. Reporting 5000+ visitors with that first post. They ran full steam right up until the “red dress pic” was found. Introducing “Kimmer”, October 6, 2007 was their last update to the blog.

What happened? Where did they go? Was it burnout? Did they feel like so many others? Did they think that it is in the hands of the courts now, so the job is finished? We will probably never know unless they decide to come back on the scene.

We will be revisiting many of Ducky’s old posts. New comers to the Kimkins saga need to see just how we got to where we are today. Also many of those who have followed this from the very beginning have forgotten much of the info found on Ducky’s blog. We think it’s time to refresh their memory.

So stay tuned, as we sift through and re-explore “Kimkins Exposed“.


If any of you are reading this post, you need to remember this. Heidi still has unsuspecting people signing up everyday. Just take note in the court papers how much money was taken in AFTER the “red dress pic” was found. So hear our plea for help to continue the fight.


17 Responses

  1. No, we certainly aren’t done yet.

    There are still too many folks who don’t know about the Dangers of the Kimkins Diet yet.

    It really would be awesome to have Ducky back to help with the fight. Duck’s fly south for the winter, surely they have computers in the south?

    C’mon back, Ducky. We could really use the help!

  2. Until the fall…there’s work for all!! great post, KUTGW

  3. Who needs Ducky now? I’d say the ordinary ducks are flying and quacking just fine. Or put another way, Ducky has morphed into MANY individuals on LCF and elsewhere, and the torch keeps getting relit with new info. Quacks to them all!

  4. Amazing to think how Ducky was a few people shining the light on facts to now being a group of many helping to spread the word about the dangers of Kimkins.com. The lawsuit is moving forward but Heidi is out still trying to scam people out of their money and their health. Many have made the mistake of thinking that since the courts have hold of her now everything is done. Heidi Diaz/Kimmer does not have a conscious or any respect for the law or her fellow human beings, which means she will not stop until forced to stop. So the Ducks are still on watch!
    Don’t forget we still need more to sign-up Kimkins Lawsuit
    Wishing you the best in the New Year of 2008!

    HoneyBee’s Blog
    I Am Not Ready To Make Nice with Kimkins

  5. Hear! Hear! As a more recent fowl to jump into this, it would be very beneficial to me to hear all of the Ducky posts replayed. Thank you so much, BamaGal. Have you considered revisiting ALL of those posts?

  6. Looking forward to hearing more!!

  7. MomToEli—

    Revisiting all the posts is just what we hope to achieve here. So stay tuned.

  8. That is pretty scary. Ducky went off for a little weekend retreat and never returned.
    I hope kimmer didn’t eat them.

  9. Friends don’t let friends do the Kimkins Starvation Diet!

    Thanks for posting!

  10. 😀 Ducky went off? “:)

  11. Thanks Bama for allowing us to publically thank Ducky for getting the information out about Kimkins.com and the truth about Kimmer .

    Hopefully Ducky will migrate back to to the blog and once more peck away at the kimpire.

  12. Ducky got the ball rolling on exposing the truth about the deadly Kimkins diet and its fraudulent founder, Heidi Diaz/Kimmer.

    It will be a treat to re-visit Kimkins Exposed. Great idea!

    My blog: Medusa

  13. O Ducker Where Art Thou.

  14. Oh where oh where has my little duck gone? Things are so yucky without you. Quack if you can hear me.

  15. yep Ducky needs to update those pics with the lastest photoshopped Kimmer too.

    I sure hope Ducky et al are enjoying seeing Kimkins.com and Kimmer exposed in the deposition pics and words.

  16. […] Just Ducky source […]

  17. […] Just Ducky source […]

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